How to Build a Resume

How to Build a Resume

A resume is just like the advertisement that allows making your case strong so that you will be shortlisted by the recruiters for an interview. It is not easy to get your resume passed through the screening process that lasts for the 25 seconds usually. Scanning of resume becomes difficult for the hirers if the resume is poorly formatted or loaded with the long sentences. A good resume doesn’t mean that you have secured the job for you but it can bring you near it. Just like the fashion; different formats for the resumes came and evolved. Here we are mentioning some useful tips that would be allowing you to come up with an effective resume.

Resume Tips

Tip# 1 Review some examples for the resumes

Before getting started you should review some good resume samples available. This would provide you with the idea to consider that what an effective resume actually looks like.

Good to know: Remember that every sample available on the internet is not effective.


Tip#2 Check out the different available templates

You can use different templates that are available online to build your resume. Select a template that would give your resume a neat and clean look and increase the readability. Don’t use sharp colours as they would give an unpleasant look. Use the fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Century gothic and Verdana.

Quick tip: Select a template that you would be able to use easily as some templates are difficult to use. Different templates are available for different fields; for instance, the resume of a graphic designer should be creative whereas an accountant’s resume should be more formal.

Tip #3 Add your contact information

The first thing you need is to add your contact information at the top so that the recruiters won’t have to search your whole resume to contact you. Add your name, address, contact number and your email address.

Add your contact information

Tip #4 Grab the attention

Most important thing is to grab the attention of the reader first as this would be making the chances for the resume to get selected by the hirers. This can be done by using an effective summary statement that would give the brief idea to the hirers about you.

Tip#5 Keep it short

Don’t load your resume with a lot of details; as it is intended to provide the brief overview of your qualification, skills and accomplishments. Avoid the irrelevant or the unnecessary information.

Tip#6 Mention your key skills

You need to mention your strengths and the skills that are related to the job you are applying for. The different advertisements related to the job vacancies provide the short description of the required skills. Cross check the skills you mentioned in your resume with these.

Skills for Job

Quick Tip: While enlisting your strengths keep in mind what you have learned or did during your studies, internship and the job

Tip#7 Avoid overusing the emphasise features

Don’t use the emphasising features such as bold, italics or capitalization too much. Unnecessary use of the emphasising features would give the bad impression to the recruiters.

Tip#8 Highlight your accomplishments

You need to highlight the accomplishments you made by quantifying them rather than just presenting them in the form of the sentences. The reason behind is; it is better to present the facts and figures to persuade someone and by quantifying your accomplishments you are actually doing that.

Highlight your accomplishments

Tip #9 Arrange the details in the Chronological order

Always arrange your details in the chronological order whether it is related to your studies or your job. Mention the highest level of the education at the top. When providing the information regarding your employment; you are needed to write about your most recent job at the top and in this way provide the details about your other jobs.

Quick Tip: Use bullet points to show your responsibilities and achievements you made.

Tip#10 Make the use of the keywords

Using the keywords could also help you as a number of recruitment agencies are making the use of the software, so when the keywords are used, then your resume can be selected after the scanning.

Tip#11 Give a unique touch to your interests – Specify them

While writing about your interests you are needed to be specific, for example, most of the people would be writing that they like photography; specify here the type; like you enjoy the photography of the historical places, nature, children, etc.

Tip #12 Proofread It

Once you are done with your resume writing now you are needed to proofread it to check whether there are some spelling mistakes that are usually made during the typing or not. Remember that a resume having the spelling mistakes would be creating a negative image on the recruiter.

Proofread it

Now you are all set to build an effective resume for your desired job. Just start searching for some good examples and the templates and here you go!

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