The Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees In The UK

Going to university, studying hard, getting your degree, and starting work is easy. But deciding which career one should pursue has always been the biggest confusion. Students are seen as worried about their future because they do not have the proper assistance. But time has changed, and today’s young generation is well-equipped with new ideas. They have plans for their career before enrolling in any institute.

This means gone are the days when 10% to 20% of students considered obtaining higher education. Now, this figure is closer to 50% and UK’s population has the edge over others. Here, we will guide you through the top 10 highest paying degrees in the UK. Let’s look at them and end up in a highly compensating job.

Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees In The UK

Below is the list of highest paying degrees in UK, motivating students to pursue a career that returns more.

1. Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most expensive studies worldwide. One has to take a massive bite out of student debt to get teeth straight into work. Dentistry is among the maximum compensating careers that indeed pay off for the efforts made to it. The dental instruments, tints, Medicine, and other equipment are costly. Moreover, the patients range with tooth-related problems is also more comprehensive, so choosing this passion as your profession adds more bucks to your pockets. As per the nursing personal statement writer, dentists earn 38,000 pounds per month; with every passing day, this figure is turning into six digits.

2. Medicine

The study of Medicine is spotted second in the list of good moneymaking careers. Not all pharmacy graduates earn a significant amount because passion is something that needs more eggs in your basket. The more you learn, the more potential you get for a good job opportunity. Let’s say an example of a junior doctor who makes a basic salary of around 23,000 pounds with a yearly increment.

However, those who polish their skills and specialize in this career, like going for cardiology and psychiatrist, earn well over 30,000 pounds. Not just this, there is more space for doctors to make more money, up to 70,000 pounds. Nothing feels so better than having more cash in hand, right?

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3. Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary science is another emerging field in today’s modern world. People who love animals and do not mind getting a little messy, go for it and explore more about these creatures. People enrolled in veterinary science are concerned with controlling, diagnosing, and treating diseases. Moreover, they also manufacture medicines to prevent disease transmission to human beings. The financial reward they receive is 35,000 pounds, whereas the experts in this profession get 70,000 pounds. So, if you are going to be a vet, you must go for it and express your love for the beautiful creation of nature.

4. Economics

The popularity of economics is reaching the sky, as many students have chosen it as their future destination. No one has ever thought that studying the production and distribution of wealth would reach a new height. An average finance graduate earns 29,700 pounds per year, which is a good amount at the beginner level. With every passing day, the finance arena is improving, opening more doors for novice and hustlers. After ten years of employment, one gets paid 40,000 pounds, whereas graduates earn more of it by 100,000 pounds. This shows that economics is one of the highest paying degrees in UK.

5. Construction Engineering

Construction engineering is another field where graduates or master’s degree holders get maximum wages. Usually, students in this pitch go into roles such as builder, surveyors, risk assessors, engineers, and consultants. Moreover, up to 84% of graduates get employed within six months after completing their studies. The average salary is 28,000 pounds but exceeds 50,000 for those who are established in their carrier. If you are on this pitch, try surveyors with chartered status to create an edge over others.

6. Aeronautical And Aerospace Engineering

The aircraft and spacecraft industries are always in high demand among the various giants. Graduates of this field are responsible for designing tools and vehicles for NASA or companies like Rolls-Royce and Airbus. They receive a starting salary of 28,000 pounds, that’s high! These figures can exceed 60,000 if one progresses or lands a senior consultant role. So if you love exploring the outside world of our planet, then aeronautical and aerospace engineering is your destination.

7. Mathematics

Among the fruitful careers, how can we forget mathematics? It should be a part of our list because this is where students are connected to finance, investments, data science, analytics, and other career choices. Moreover, the London School of Economics is the centre of this career path. While on the other hand, graduates get a tidy amount of 28,000 pounds at the beginner level. So we can expect a handsome amount for number cruncher.

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8. Computer Science

Computer scientists are the pioneers of today’s technological world. With an average salary rate of 27,000 pounds, the career is among the most moneymaking professions. We use a computer in our day-to-day life, everywhere. Be it a business organization or a personal statement writer UK company; computer scientists are in high demand to manage, improve and innovate this digital world. As the demand is high, you will also be paid more.

9. Social Work

Social work stands outs because it is the only field that focuses on health and physical science. However, the role of a social worker is challenging, but the well-being of society is also very important. Social workers at the beginner level get 29,000, while experience gets 31,000 by the end of the month. Thus, it’s another great profession to carry on.

10. Architecture

Architecture is a field with never-ending scope, as the skills requirements are high. Most of the construction business is associated with it requiring building, maps, and structures. Architectures are paid a minimum of 22,000 pounds, but specialized get a hefty amount.


Now that you have got the list of the top 10 highest paying degrees in the UK, you will have an idea of what would be your future profession. Run your eyes on these professions, find your interest, check out the salary package, and begin your journey. Make sure whatever you choose must reflect your interest and dedication.

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