What Makes Java Relevant in 2024?

Java has been around for a while, and after completing its 25th year in 2022, it is still one of the top three popular programming languages for developers worldwide. Java has an active community and is used to develop web and Android applications. It is also widely used for machine learning and big data projects.

Why is Java still relevant?

Java is popular because of several useful attributes. Let’s break down a few aspects and features of Java that make it the most favorite language among developers. Here are a few reasons why Java will become relevant in 2024 and beyond.

Object Oriented Language

Java is an object-oriented language that offers clean modular structure making it easy to fix problems. Indeed, the modular feature helps developers to write reusable code. With code reusability, programmers can save time, enhance efficiency and minimize the instances of bugs and errors. Eventually, it helps improve the application development process. Also, Java does not require any external references and therefore, it is remarkably robust.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Java is easy to program and even easier to run. Developers can write the program once and run it anywhere (WORA). Typically, Java can be used to run desktop applications or develop mobile applications that use many servers and operating systems. Therefore, it runs on several types of mobile devices and computers without making any changes to the results. Additionally, it runs on operating systems such as Windows, Linux/Unix, and macOS. It features platform independence and therefore becomes ideal for software development for business.


Java has syntax similar to that of the English language. Therefore, it makes the language ideal for beginners. They can learn Java by starting with Core Java and later with Advanced Java. Its learning curve is relatively simple compared to many other programming languages. Also, there is an additional advantage that if the developers have a basic knowledge of C and C++, they can effortlessly learn Java. As aforesaid, it features an English-like syntax making the learning process simple. Java is popular among both beginners and advanced users. Also, it is easy to access libraries and tools in Java to simplify the tasks of developers. It features advanced graphic user interface systems. Further, developers can connect to databases via Java Database Connectivity.

All-purpose Programming Language

Java is an essential programming language for creating web applications and mobile applications. Now, Java is used to develop big data applications, machine learning, and IoT applications. Java features a suite of packages and tools that are helpful for creating scalable solutions. Top of all, Java is compatible with multiple platforms. The platform-independence feature makes the Java runtime environment compatible with all existing devices if you install it on the devices you want to run the program. Several industries, such as banking, finance, and retail make use of Java. In fact, the WORA feature makes it possible.

Rich API

The application programming interface of Java is rich and extensive that it possesses several methods developers can use in any code directly. Java API consists of methods that address every single purpose for example, networking, parsing XML, connecting to databases, managing input-output, and many more. Besides, Java comprises numerous open-source libraries such Apache Commons, Apache POI, Apache Xerxes, Google Guava, Gson, OpenCV, and so on. Java’s API also consists of fifty keywords and methods that developers can use in any program directly. It’s interesting to note that the developers do not need practical and extensive knowledge of them but only basic knowledge to use them. Its rich API support makes Java popular among the companies offering software development services in the UK, as well as globally.

Large Community

Another great reason why Java is the most sought-after language is attributed to its robust community support. The Stack overflow is one of the famous Java communities and provides solutions and fixes in real-time. There are several websites that help developers fix issues during programming. The vast community of Java developers shows that Java is one of the most used languages for application development. Also, it continues to grow, and similar to so many other open-source programming languages, Java also provides support, and several forums help beginners in Java to solve any problems they encounter while programming.

Excellent Documentation

Java is a well-documented language. It features vast and extensive guide to identify the issues developers face while programming in Java. This detailed guide helps developers use it if they encounter any issues during the process of coding. For future references in Java, you need detailed documentation. It suggests that the online developer support community is expanding enormously for helping developers and organizations to create applications. Due to the excellent documentation system, Java will remain popular in 2024.


Now that you understand why Java is still relevant among programmers working on software development projects from around the world, The open-source language compatible with all platforms and devices possesses excellent documentation, rich APIs, libraries, and tools. Therefore, without any doubt, Java continues to rule the world of programming.

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Silpa Sasidharan is a content writer and social media copywriting expert working at ThinkPalm Technologies and HarmainZiarah who aspires to create marketing texts for topics spanning from technology to automation and digital business solutions.

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