How to stop Instagram from tracking location?

Please don’t take me wrong , I also enjoy living in this age where everything is just on your fingertips. If you have a smartphone and some free time in a day it is easier for you to stay in touch with your loved ones. You can also complete your daily tasks very easily and not just this but also it is important having a cellphone in this modern age. You can also get entertained with it for this you may thank some apps like instagram or facebook.

 Whereas on the other side if you have such an app that is going to track your every move can turn into something creepy at some point. Now if you have this feeling like me that you are being constantly watched this would feel a little uneasy and for that you may turn off your location in the settings. But if you want to turn off your location you can do it following the below directions

Having a feeling that you are being watched, every moment of the day might be an uneasy feeling If I have to talk about myself. But if you Buy Instagram Followers on you may get bundles of benefits. Your Instagram tag will be shown up automatically for posts, locations and services that you offer on your page. But if you still want to turn it off you can do it very easily.

Turning off the location

Now for you to turn off your location, you have to make a start from closing the app and then you should go to navigating the settings in your phone. Now you have to click on the privacy and then here you would click on the location and the services that your instagram has to offer for navigating. Here you can choose various options from never to the other called while using the app. This depends on if you want your Instagram to track your location if you want to make that choice.

Changing the location of the app

Now according to instagram, if you never tried to change the location in your app this way your default settings would be automatically off. But if you want to track it in case you are posting it you may add multiple locations to the posts and Instagram stories. Or maybe you can turn off your locations while selecting an option called “while using this app” in both the settings and locations that you show on your phone. Also, it would be really simple or maybe you can select it for only your Instagram game. Which means you can only use the location app for the beautiful sunset pictures.

But if you want to keep your Instagram on the lock option, you must also adjust your activity and settings according to that. Because when you have turned it on Anyone that has turned it on, or if you have been chatting with someone can see your active status on the app.

Now, go to the setting called privacy and security. Here you would choose the activity status. And if you want to toggle these little buttons that are very next to your activity status for showing off. This way it will be good. But you must keep in mind that whenever you turn it off you can’t see the activity status of other people. 

Various reasons for turning off the location

Experts of Digital Marketing Training in Pune believe that there are a bundle of reasons for how you can enjoy this Instagram app. Maybe because you love sharing photos, or this gives you food inspiration. Maybe you are fond of visiting new places all around the world. Many times we use Instagram because we want to stay with the people that we love like our near and dear ones. This is might be lucky for you if you love sharing your location with your friend, especially your family members. Instagram is one useful app that can be lucky for you. Also, their location options come in handy when you like to pinpoint your location points.

Now that you know you can change your location service any time it is up to you if you allow yourself to be tracked or not. But getting out of the map can never be much easier for you.


Turning off the location is not much difficult, even if you want to keep track of all this. but sometimes we don’t like our privacy to be invaded and for that, you have to turn it off.

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