Make Easy pound Online in 2022

7 Easy Ways To Make Easy Pound/Money Online in 2022

The rise of digitization in our world has given us new easy ways to make money online. Moreover, after the novel pandemic, e-commerce has gone through the roof. Sellers are selling all kinds of products to consumers.

There are several advantages of making money online. One can earn pounds from the comfort of their home. You can work at your flexible time and duration and no longer need to go out to make a living in the scorching sun. Sometimes, all you need to start is a good computer and a strong internet connection.

7 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

If you are interested in earning handsome money online, this article is for you. We would discuss 7 easy ways to make easy pound/money online in 2022 that would help you make your cash registers ring if you succeed.

Let’s begin!

1.      Voice-Over work

The first way to make easy pound/money online in 2022 is to do a voice-over role. As this is mostly project-based, it’s best for you if you do not want to commit for the long term. Companies are always in search of excellent and inventive voice-overs.

There are many ways through which you can get projects.

  • Audiobooks: Audiobooks are booming these days, so the requirement for voice-over has also increased. You can voice over various novels, biographies, and books.
  • Guides: are helpful to provide instruction and information at museums, art galleries, and travel destinations. This one would also help you to gain knowledge.
  • Commercial And Advertisements: still often need a voice-over artist. You can make fortune through your voice in this type.

2.      Content And Copywriter

If you own excellent writing skills, you should opt for content writing or copywriting. Both options would work best for you. You can write full-time or part-time. A successful content writer earns about 64,000$ annually. Isn’t it great?

You can work at copywriting firm London, Fiverr, and Upwork and offer copywriting services. For content writing, Fiverr, Upwork, Text Broker, Express writer, and Verblio are some of the greatest agencies and websites.

3.      Be  A Youtuber

This is the most popular way of generating web-based income. It has active around 2 billion active users every month. One can be paid serious money in multiple ways through YT.

Firstly, one has to be eligible for monetization to start gaining cash. Then the most common method is via ads that run on your videos on YouTube. The others are super chat, super sticker, and introducing your merch. Moreover, if you get famous, you will start getting offers from famous brands for partnership and advertisement.

Choose one niche to get started from innumerable diverse niches. If one wants to grow their youtube channel, they must upload content consistently. A high-quality camera and suitable software would be a profitable investment to attract more viewers.

It is a great source of active income as well as passive income. Don’t forget to practice SEO on your YT videos, as this is a vital tool for its growth. If you are a noob at SEO or don’t have sufficient time for it, then a British SEO agency in the United Kingdom would do it for you.

4.      Blogging For Avid Writers

Blogging is a wonderful method for avid writers to receive a chunk of change. Create a blog to share your wisdom, knowledge, ideas, tips, and tricks with the audience. Make sure you research properly to find out which niche is most suitable for you yet famous.

You can get a vast sum through advertising, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, and selling products. You can begin with low investment.

5.      Become An Influencer

Becoming an influencer has become a popular choice with the rise of social media. Various brands pay influencers with high numbers of followers to market their products and services. As they influence the public so they end up buying those items. The amount of money depends on the influencer’s followers and engagement level. This is another easy way to make easy pounds/money online in 2022.

As one becomes a personal brand, can also introduce their products or use them to advertise their online business. Although most influencers use Instagram, you can also use Youtube and Tiktok to expand your audience.

6.      Video Game Streaming For Gamer Enthusiasts

Video game streaming has been rising in popularity over the past few years. There are around 2.5 million weekly watchers on Twitch, the most famous platform for streaming. If you are a gaming enthusiast and comfortable sitting in front of a camera, you must go for it.

Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Bigo Live, and HitBox are the most beneficial websites for this purpose. The Canadian Streamer Shroud has a net worth of about 8$ to 12$ million and has 10 million followers.

7.      Create An App

The last but not the least money-making method is to create and launch a free app and earn money via advertising. This one is for those who are into coding and web development. They can polish their abilities while working on it as a side-hustle and become an expert.

There are also beginner-friendly phone app launchers for those who can’t code. These apps are paid. Appy pie, AppInstitute, and Mobincube are a few of them.


This article covered 7 easy ways to make easy pound/money online in 2022. Pick the most suitable one for you according to your financial capacity, passion, and skills. Now that you know the methods get started to make a fortune. Good luck!

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