How to Throw Valentine’s Day Party for Your Single Friends

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, it’s celebration is not just limited up to the couples only; those who are single; they also have the right to celebrate this day; after all, it’s about celebrating the love. If you are planning to throw Valentine’s Day party especially for your single friends; then we have some amazing ideas for you!


First thing is; please don’t think that it’s just the party for the singles only, you can invite anyone! So invite your all the friends by saying it’s a valentine’s day party for everyone! You can simply send text messages to your friends or prepare a simple invitation card and inbox it on Facebook to your all friends, it will be a better idea.

Serve some easy-to-eat bites

Serve some easy-to-eat bites to your guests. Nobody will like to consume the food that will cause the mess or will be difficult to eat. Get some easy-to-eat appetizers that should not have any sauces as it will be dripping or the food that will be sticking to the people’s teeth. Come up with some appetizers that will look good such as mini wild mushroom tarts, small sized tarts, small sized quiches or the chicken pieces on the toothpick with capsicum. You can also take a skewer and put some cubes of fruits on it.

Try something new for the decoration

Typically people paint the walls red and use the heart shaped balloons, but this is quite common now. You can use red colour but don’t make everything red. You can use red cushions, red candles but try some other colours with red. Instead of red roses try some white roses with other different flowers. Add some DIY decoration stuff such as create some hangings, may be glittery tassels, make some flowers on the wall, and don’t let the singles think that they don’t have a partner. Don’t use the typical red table covers try some other colours with white.

Try something new for the decoration

Have more than one food stations

Make it sure that you have more than one food stations so that people will not find it difficult to get their favourite thing. This will also allow not to get too many people around one food station.

Come up with a signature cocktail

Provide some exotic signature cocktails to your guests. Go with some exotic flavours like pomegranate or blood orange and then bring some innovation to it.

signature cocktail

Don’t serve the spicy or strong flavoured food

Avoid serving the food that is over spiced or have the smelly ingredients like garlic, strong barbeque flavour or raw onion. Spicy food can cause the trouble for the people as it might cause the burning. Also, avoid the gas inducing foods like beans. All these foods will make the people uncomfortable and you don’t want this!

Serve some food that is relevant to the Valentine’s Day

Though you have invited your single friends but remember not to restrict the party as Valentine’s Day party for singles. Have some food that is interactive; that makes everyone think that it’s the Valentine’s Day. You can serve heart shaped cookies, chocolate cupcakes with light pink topping; you can also provide the other decorative things for letting your guests to decorate it in the way they want. Place variety of chocolates on the tables along the cookies and cupcakes. Also, place the small cards with each and every item to provide the details about it.

food that is relevant to the Valentine’s Day

Keep the lights dim to create the ambience

Well, you don’t want people to remember that they don’t have anyone with them, but still, you will love to create a romantic atmosphere that will let everyone feel that love is in the air. Keep the lights dim and the candle light will look good. Also, you and your guests will look good in the candle light. You can use amber lights to give a warmer look to your party. Dim the lights to just enhance the ambience but not make it so dark that it gives the look like a horror theme party.

Consider some interesting games

Consider some interesting games to develop the interest of the people. You have thrown a party to let the people enjoy. So some interesting competition and games will spice up the party.  For instance, ask the people to write something interesting about them on a piece of paper and then the host must read it aloud so that people would like to know the name of the person. When the name would be revealed it would be the source of fun. Arrange some competitions like cocktail drinking competition. Ask the participants to select their favourite cocktail and then the competition will take place between two or three people. The winning person should be given a small present.

Don’t let the people just sit in one place

Well, you would not like the people to just simply come and sit down in a party; so try to keep fewer chairs. You can arrange some sofas on one side having the red cushions but keep the sitting arrangement as limited as possible as this will allow the people to interact more.

Have some interesting props

Have some interesting props and ask the people to use them to while taking pictures. You just want to make people enjoy the party; so get some funny props to change the mood of the party. Prepare some interesting props like a hat or some interesting and funny notes; like, I am waiting for someone, I am still single or anything.

some interesting props

These were some ideas that you can use to throw Valentine’s Day party for your single friends. Well, we have suggested that you must not restrict this party to your single friends only. Try these ideas we have shared with you and get ready to throw an amazing party for your friends this year.

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