Random Credit Card Generators To Use In 2021

Top 5 Random Credit Card Generators To Use In 2021

In this online world, things have become a lot easier for us. But sometimes we have to face problems because of those same things. Right?

Most of the time, when we use software online, they want us to put in our credit card number to unlock its features or to extend the trial period.

If you are a gamer, you will agree with the point that most of the games which are paid require gamers to put in their credit card number if they want to play the game for free or for trial.

When we do online shopping, we see on some websites we need to make a log-in customer account. And every time we need to shop from that particular site, we have to use that account.

The problem is we can’t make that log-in account with just email and password. They want us to fill in a proper log-in form with a credit card number.

But we are not sure if it is safe to give them our original credit card number because they might use it for fraud. So what should we do then?

Generating a credit card number with a credit card generator could work. You will find more about it in this article. So keep on reading!

What is a credit card generator, and is it helpful?

A credit card generator is nothing but an online tool. Yes, it is helpful as it allows people to create a fake credit card number that they can use anywhere online.

The credit card number generated by the tool is based on algorithms that make sure the number passes through online websites without any complications.

In the next section, we are going to discuss the five best credit card generators that you can use whenever needed.

5 Tools to Generate Fake Credit Card Numbers in 2021

1.      Prepostseo.com

Prepostseo’s credit card generator tool is one of the most extensively used tools to generate fake credit card numbers for free.

It is because there is no scam in this tool. They fulfill what they claim. This credit card generator is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm called ‘Luhu’.

It makes sure that the number generated by the tool is valid and legitimate so that there won’t be any difficulties.

By reasonable means, you can use that number to perform online activities. But make sure you won’t use that number to harm any individual or an organization. Please don’t use it for illegal activities.

How to use the tool?

To use the tool, go to the link attached. You will see two options there, ‘Basic’ and ‘Advance.’ If you want to create a basic credit card, hit ‘Basic’ and in another case, hit ‘Advance.’

If you want to create a basic credit card number, first choose a card brand. In the card brand, you have the options of ‘Visa card,’ ‘Mastercard,’ ‘American express,’ ‘Discover,’ and ‘JCB.’

After that, enter a month and year as a card expiry date. You will see an input field with ‘CVV/CVV2’. You need to enter a security pin in that field.

Last but not least, you will see another input field with ‘Quantity’. You need to enter the quantity in digits that will refer to the number of cards you want to generate.

Now the process is completed. Hit the green button with the ‘Generate’ caption to generate your fake yet valid credit card number.

2.      Ccard-generator.com

This is another good tool for generating fake credit card numbers. You can use the tool for free and will be able to generate a credit card number in a few seconds with some clicks.

This tool uses the ‘Luhu’ algorithm to generate a credit card that follows a certain pattern with a mathematical formula.

How to use the tool?

Hit the link attached, and you will be directed to the tool. There you will see two options ‘Bulk Card Generator’, ‘Card Checker.’

If you want to generate a credit card number that you can frequently use for online testing purposes, go for ‘Single credit card generator’.

And if you don’t want to go through the process of generating credit card numbers, again and again, go for ‘Bulk credit card generator’.

It will generate a set of unique credit card numbers that are valid and useful for online testing and shopping purposes.

You can use those credit card numbers for accessing paid software and even for paid games; isn’t it amazing?

3.      Fake-card-generator.com

The third tool that you can use to generate a fake credit card number is the ‘Fake card generator.’ You can generate both single and bulk credit cards via this tool.

There are no hidden charges to use this tool. The credit card number generated by this tool is 100% authentic that you can use for online activities but make sure they are not illegal.

How to use the tool?

Go to the tool via the link attached. The layout of this tool is very simple and friendly. You don’t need to have any technical expertise to operate with the tool.

You will see two input fields on the tool window. First input field with ‘Select Issuing Network.’ You need to select a card type from the dropdown menu.

The second field with ‘Select Country’, select a country from the dropdown. After that scroll, a little and hit the orange button with the ‘Generate’ caption. And you are good to go.

4.      Fakedata.net

You can rely on this tool to generate dummy and fake credit card numbers. You can use this tool without paying any cost.

It claims to provide 100% authentic credit card numbers, which people can use to play paid games and for online shopping where the log-in is required.

How to use the tool?

Go to the tool window via the link attached. You can read the instructions mentioned in the tool window for better understanding.

Scroll down a little, and you will see two input fields. In the first field, select a card issuing network, and in the second field, select a country.

After that, hit the blue button with the ‘Generate Again’ caption. Within a few seconds, your fake credit number will be displayed. You can use it wherever you want online.

5.      Namso-gen.com

Last but not least, you can use this tool to generate fake credit numbers. The process of generating a valid credit card number with this tool is a bit long.

But totally free, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges. You can read all the instructions available on the tool window for more understanding.

How to use the tool?

Go to the tool via the link attached. Fill in all the given input fields, including ‘Month’, ‘Year’, ‘CVV’, ‘Quantity’, and ‘Format’.

After that, hit the green button with the ‘Generate’ caption. Within a few seconds, your credit card number will be shown on the right white box.

Use that fake yet valid card number to play online games, do online shopping, and use various paid software with that credit card number.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you are confused about whether or not to provide your original credit card number online, you don’t have to.

In this article, we have mentioned the five best tools that will help you generate fake credit numbers that are 100% valid.

Make sure you don’t use them for any illegal activities. They are free to use. So, what are you waiting for? Give this article a good read!

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