9 tips to save money when you take a family vacation to London

Are myriad reasons to travel to London with the whole family? However, it can be quite costly in this city. London offers wonderful experiences for children and adults. However, it’s a good idea to conduct some planning on this issue. Here’s what you should consider when planning an excursion with the family in London.

  1. Consider a day excursion to London.

    Because hotels can be expensive in London, it could be beneficial to take one day trip. If not, you can; it could be advantageous to stay in the other city and then venture into London for the rest of the day. If you are arriving directly from the airport and wish to get exploring right from the airport, there are plenty of alternatives to store your luggage storage within the capital.

  2. Consider taking public transport.

    London can be difficult to drive around, and a lot of queuing is the case. Consider using public transport to move around or purchasing an all-day pass to transport because there are many companies in the transportation field that provide their services locally. If the distances are accessible, it is the best way to move about and discover. To get to London airports, there are numerous trains, buses, and other forms of transportation according to the airport. You can take one of these and leave your luggage-on-Luggage Hero King’s Cross.

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  3. Free Attractions

    If you need to take in a lot of attractions as a family, it can be a costly experience when you go to London. There are many free attractions worth considering, for example, the museums. Make sure you look up a list of free attractions before visiting.

  4. Book ahead and stay in a hotel

    Last-minute decisions regarding accommodation can lead to increased costs. Like many other travel plans, booking in advance is best if you are traveling with children. Make sure you plan and reserve your accommodations. Consider researching the prices of Premier Inn hotels in London.

  5. Popular attractions for children — London

    There is a myriad of child-friendly activities. However, the most well-known ones include Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and Madame Tussauds Museum London. Musicals like Wicked or The Lion King are also an experience that parents and children love. London is the best location to explore this fantastical world if you’re a Harry Potter fan.

  6. I was eating out with children in London.

    If you are in the town, you’ll discover many family-friendly eateries. Try a different dining experience for the children in The Archipelago or visit Shrimp & Grill. Some places like Jungle Cave and Poppie’s Fish and Chips might also be an alternative.

  7. Cheaper ways of shopping

    You can claim back the VAT. When you buy tangible objects like jewelry, clothing, and other art pieces, be sure to inform the store clerk that you’d like to receive a tax receipt.
    This will allow you to claim the tax refund of 20% when you arrive at the airport (minus the cost of service and reaching at least an hour before the departure time to avoid the procedure). Unfortunately, it won’t work with the hotel room, food, or even books. For a purchase, for example, PS100, you could receive PS18 back. Why should you sacrifice that cash If you don’t have to?

  8. Cheaper ways to see shows and attractions

    Visit free museums. Most museums are free. Some of the best include the British Museum, the V&A, The Natural History Museum (pictured above), and numerous others. Here’s our list of 25 museums worth visiting.

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    Visit the museums on “open nights. You can extend your time in the museum by visiting museums at night. The major museums are available every evening of the month or week and free the daytime hours to allow more touring.

  9. Cheaper ways of getting around

    Buses are a good option. The cost is one-third of what a cash-only fare on the Tube is, and you also get to take in the sights of the city.

    Make sure you have an Oyster credit card. The lowest tickets for buses and Tubes are paid on this credit card. After loading the card with cash, tap the yellow sensors when you enter and leave stations to deduct your card. Also, it works on commuter trains throughout the greater London region, meaning you don’t need to return to the ticket offices. Cash-based fare payments can be charged at a more expensive cost. If you have money left after you’ve left the station, you can claim an amount back at the Transport for London desk at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

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