How to Organize a Dinner Party in the Smallest Space Available?

Whenever you heard someone throwing a party it makes you super excited and your mind is flooded with the thoughts of highly tempting starters, amazing cocktails and the theme. But when you want to invite your friends to a dinner party then you are also worried about planning and organizing a good party. Well for organizing a great party it is not needed that you must be living in the mansions or have a big garden in front of your house. Yes, place matters but it does not mean that if you have a small kitchen and no dining room then your party will be boring. You can still throw an amazing party if you have a small place; really? Yes! If you are passionate enough about having a great dinner party then we have brought the small space dinner party ideas for you. It’s all about management, little décor and organizing the furniture smartly.


Let’s see what ideas we have for you below:

Organizing your furniture smartly

If you have a small space then the most important thing is to organize your furniture in an effective way. Have a look to your room where you will be serving the dinner to your guests. Move the extra furniture around the dining table; move the sofas away from the table to make more space bring extra chairs from the other rooms and place them near the table. With the extra chairs, you can put a small coffee table as you can place the glasses or the other things on it. Well, you can also ask your friends to bring extra chairs if they can.

Don’t hesitate to take help from your friends

Ask your friends to help you out; well what’s wrong with that? You are throwing a party for your friends and you can ask them to help you out and they won’t mind it. Organizing a dinner at home will be much cheaper than eating in a restaurant so be smart and ask your friends to help you out may be in arranging the plates on the table or bringing the extra things with them like we suggested before.

Keep the menu simple

Remember one thing if you have many guests then it is wise to keep the menu simple as you would be needed to prepare the large quantities of food, so it is good to pick up the dishes having the less prep time so that you would be able to prepare these in an effective way. Share the dishes with your friends so that you won’t be needed to give extra time on plating up the dishes. Along the simple menu let your guests serve the dishes themselves just like the buffet dinner. Well, keeping the menu simple does not mean that you are going to serve tasteless or boring food, or you are going to serve a single dish. It’s up to you that how you set the menu card for your party. Consider your kitchen space and see that how many dishes you can prepare easily. Use the raw ingredients, parboiling and other techniques; if you have a small kitchen then it doesn’t mean then you cannot prepare the best food for your guests. In simple starters, you can serve roasted aubergines stuffed with something, chicken skewers or maybe the cheese samosas or chicken minced salad.


A little décor will be a good idea

You are inviting your friends to a dinner party well it means that you must be doing some preparations before like cleaning your house, taking out your dinner set and you will be needed to organize your dining table. A little décor will be needed; smaller spaces provide the informal look usually. Use the simple white table cover that can be easily cleaned after one use. If your table is small then this is not the issue; your guests will manage themselves in the space that you made by moving the extra furniture, they can settle themselves on the sofa or the chairs lying near.

You can also use the small candles that are not scented. They will give a classy look even if your table is small.  For small tables, you cannot put the napkins or the mats so just buy the handmade papers and complete the look with the flowers. If you have a big table then you can place the flower vases, but don’t forget the candles.



Give breaks between the courses

Don’t forget to give breaks between the two courses like may be a break of 10 minutes, this will allow you to clean your kitchen side by side or may be putting your dishes in the dishwasher so there would be no messy kitchen.

Make food parcels with the leftovers for your guests

If a large quantity of the food is left and there is no space in your refrigerator, then make the parcels of the food and hand over these to your guests when they are leaving.

These were some suggestions that how you can arrange a dinner party effectively for your friends. It’s the spring season means you can invite your friends to a spring party and serve them with the fresh starters, mouth-watering main course and a pleasant dessert to double the happiness. Space doesn’t matter at all; all that matter is how smart you are in planning a dinner party at the available space. Just plan the things within your budget and take help from the suggestions we provided to you.

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