Everything you would like to know about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Hogwarts, wand, invisibility cloak, magical spells all these things can easily draw the picture of JK Rowling’s famous novel series of Harry Potter in one’s mind.  Not only that, how can we forget about the successful series of Harry Potter movies that are not only famous among the children, but also among the people belonging to different age groups. In 2013, Harry Potter fans received the good news as it was disclosed to them that they will be enjoying a new play soon.

The Play

The West End stage play is written by Jack Thorne that is adapted from the story written by JK Rowling, Thorn and JK Tiffany. It was expected that might be it would be a prequel of the different events related to Harry Potter. But actually the play names Harry Potter and the cursed child is the sequel and the story is continued from where it was left in Deathly Hallows, but after 19 years, where Harry Potter who is shown as the employee of Ministry of magic along with his son Albus Severus Potter, both pay a visit to Hogwarts.

The play was officially premiered on July 30th, 2016. Not only the Harry Potter fans but also the critics were expecting a lot from this play. Digital Spy has given the five-star rating to the play as it seems that it has hit the success on all the levels. The story is the addition in the Harry Potter series and the play is divided into two parts that will be presented on the same day in the matinee and evening or in the two consecutive days. It seems that everyone is excited about the play.

About the cast

The stage crew has about 42 members in which every person is hardworking, talented and experienced. The prominent characters are:

  • Harry Potter’s character is played by 36 years old Jamie Parker who played the Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls.
  • Harry’s friend Ron Weasley’s character is played by Paul Thorney.
  • 46 years old Noma Dumezweni is playing the role of Hermione Granger.
  • Poppy Miller has been seen in the role of Ginny Potter.
  • Harry’s son, Albus Potter is Sam Clammett.
  • Draco Malfoy is Alex Price and his son Scorpius Malfoy is Anthony Boyle.

harry potter and the cursed child casts

How to get the tickets?

Now the team of Harry Potter and the cursed child is all set to present the play again and it was announced that on 23rd January 2017, 75000 more tickets would be released for the people. Fans can enjoy their favourite play as the play is being performed at the Palace Theatre, London from February 7 till April 29. The tickets they have released, the numbers of available tickets are decreasing as people are buying the tickets crazily. According to the official website, Harrypottertheplay.com, the tickets are sold out and people who wish to get the tickets for the performances till April 29th are advised to keep checking the websites as they might be lucky enough to get the returned tickets. The next release of the tickets will take place in April, so if you haven’t manage to get the returned tickets then make it sure that you purchase the next release of the tickets online through the ATG Website or the Nimax Theatre.

Well, still there is the hope to get the tickets for your favourite play if you haven’t managed yet, in the form of the returned tickets or as the Friday Forty tickets.

Friday Forty

If you want to get the tickets at the low prices then we have good news for you, as according to Digital Spy, JK Rowling confirmed that on every Friday at 1 pm, 40 low-priced tickets will be available.

Get the newsletter

If you want to get the updates about the tickets then subscribe the newsletter so that you will be updated about the returned tickets. Will it work? Well, the returned tickets are provided on the first come first serve basis, so, if you will have the updates about the returned tickets then you can very easily go and grab your tickets.

Go to the theatre

You can also visit the return desk of the theatre and join the queue to get the returned tickets so make sure that you have reached there on the time. So don’t wait!

Other options

If you are left with no option then you can also check the different sites that provide the sale of secondary tickets but you will be needed to pay £200 or may be more than that. These are:

  • Viagogo
  • StubHub
  • GetMeIn

What about the movie? Only rumors?

Well JK Rowling has refused about the movie but Warner Bros want to present the story in the form of the movie. They want the cursed child to be made with the original cast of Harry Potter series. But the statement from JK Rowling that she does not have the intentions of turning the play into the movie have disappointed many fans who still want to watch the movies of the Harry Potter series.

Well like the other Harry Potter fans we also wish the huge success for the second run of the cursed child play and hope that it will be breaking all its previous records. We don’t know that whether you will be able to watch the movie in the cinema or not, but we know that you can enjoy the play with your family in the theatre. So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the play and try your best to get your tickets.

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