Dubai Tourism

Dubai Tourism-Vacation in the City of Gold

Dubai is a modern-day oasis in the northeast of the UAE. Dubai Tourism attracts tourists with fantastic architecture, landmarks, shopping festivals, and deserts.

The second-largest emirate stands out as an international city in the desert. The fishing village of Dubai turned into an international megapolis at the beginning of the 20th century. It embraced Western technology and retained eastern values.

Its tradition, customs, and the warmth of people echo Bedouin culture. Communication is no issue for Indians in Dubai because a large part of the population speaks English, and the Indian diaspora speaks Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, and other Indian languages. Moreover, migrants and expatriates make a major chunk of the population.

Dubai Quarantine Rules for Indian Tourists 

Dubai Tourism Opens for tourists once again after a bleak Dubai Tourism 2019. Interestingly, Shahrukh Khan is Dubai Tourism Brand Ambassador.

Dubai Travel from India is convenient if you follow these Dubai Covid Rules for Indian Tourists while undertaking Travel to Dubai from India during COVID.

  • Tourists will take a second COVID test after arrival in Dubai, and no isolation is required for negative test results.
  • The positive test result will attract self-isolation at home or hotel for ten days. Take another test on day 8 of quarantine. You can remove a medical wristband after a negative result.

Dubai Tour Packages from India

If you are planning a vacation in Dubai, do check out budget Dubai Packages for a memorable experience and comfortable stay.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Winter months from November to April are the best time to visit Dubai for adventure, experiences, and entertainment.

Places to Visit in Dubai

The best-known attractions within the sea and land are as follows:

1. Dubai Opera – A place for music entertainment, concerts, ballet, opera shows, comedy nights, and the classical instrument plays.

2. Dubai Museum – Dubai Museum atAl Fahidi Fort portrays legendary artworks and historical artifacts of Bedouin life.

3. Bastakiya or Al Fahidi Historic District- The traditional and old town is a window to Arabian culture, wind towers, and old houses.

4. Deira Souk – The Largest Gold Market in the World with the old architectural style

5. Global Village- It is a must-visit place with the family to visit pavilions of varied countries like India, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Iran, etc. These pavilions sell artifacts, clothes, cuisines, and carpets.

6. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve- Wildlife destination to spot Arabian oryx and gazelles.

7. Alserkal Art District – An artsy place contemporary art galleries like Ayyam Gallery, Green Art Gallery, and The Third Line

8. Dubai Miracle Garden – The world’s most extensive flower garden with 109 million flowers

9. Dubai Aquarium – The biggest underwater aquatic zoo at Dubai Mall is home to 140 different marine species. Watch sand tiger sharks up close in the glass tunnel at Dubai Aquarium.

10. Bur Dubai Grand Mosque – One of the eight biggest mosques globally and the biggest in the UAE is an architectural marvel.

Things to Do in Dubai

1. Experience Luxury Hotel

Guests can stay in an underwater room, walk-in an indoor theme park, or shop at malls in some luxury hotels such as Atlantis Palm.

2. Annual Shopping Festival

Dubai hosts an annual shopping festival every year in January. You can get good deals on brands at malls. The international brands launch their collections in Dubai together with home country releases. You can enjoy luxury shopping at Dubai Mall.  

3. Dubai Dolphinarium

Bottleneck dolphins, fur seals, and parrots will entertain you with acrobatics, sing, and juggle. Children can slide down a helter-skelter, bounce on a trampoline, and play in the ball pool. Visit Dolphin Bay to swim with cuddly sea creatures.

4. Helicopter Tour

Take a 30-minute ride by helicopter and soak in the beauty of the spectacular cityscape, skyline, and natural landscape.

5. Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck on the 124th and 125th floor gives you a chance to see the skyline, sandy deserts, and aquamarine oceans.

6. Dune Bashing

Ride into a vehicle like Fortuner and begin your off-roading experience on the golden sands.

7. Bungee Jumping

You will get into a tizzy while hurtling to the ground in a 150-meter bungee jump.

8. Hot Air Ballooning

Glide in a hot air balloon up to 3000 feet in the air and take in breathtaking views of golden deserts.

9. Dubai Marina Cruise

The cruise will take you to Marina Bay, and you will enjoy the shimmering skyline of Dubai.

10. Flyboard

Strap onto a jetpack-like device and safety gear to enjoy an exhilarating watersport flyboard in Dubai.

11. Dirt Biking

Ride a dirt bike on the uneven terrain of the dunes and the highways.

12. Sand Boarding

Ride across or down dunes on a board or a 4×4 safari.

13. Skydiving

Skydiving is safe freefalling through space after exiting an aircraft. It will get your adrenaline pumping.

14. Scuba Diving is the opportunity to explore rich marine life in the Persian Gulf.

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