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Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Damascus – The City of Jasmine

Damascus is the interesting old capital of Syria and is famous as the area of the Umayyad mosque. One of the biggest and the oldest mosques in the world. The mosque has extraordinary architectural importance just as its religious importance. 

A place shrine is situated here containing the head of John the Baptist, who is recognized as a prophet in both Christianity and Islam. The mosque additionally contains the tomb of Saladin, an eminent memorable figure, especially in Islamic culture. 

As apparently the world’s oldest continuously occupied city, Damascus presents a gigantic array of styles and historical destinations just as some fabulous lively market places, or souks, where local people and visiting merchants have purchased and sold their products for many years. 

Reasons Why You Should Go? 

As arguably the oldest persistently possessed city on the planet, Damascus has an unimaginably long history, so for history buffs, Damascus is a genuinely wonderful spot to visit. Old Roman walls and incredible temples of worship make an intriguing viewing, and the energizing souks are a superb spot to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Best Time to Go? 

Summertime in Damascus is hot and dry with temperatures reaching admirably into their 30s among June and September. Winter temperatures are very mild, with December and January being the coldest months. 

Damascus has a semi-current environment with very little rainfall consistently throughout the year. So there will never be especially a ‘bad time’ to visit. Although, the fact that as it is an Islamic country, you should take care to respect local traditions such as that of Ramadan.

How to Arrive there? 

Non-stop flights to Damascus International Airport depart from London Heathrow with British Airways and Syrian Air. So, book british airways reservations online and save up to 30% off on every booking. Also, get exciting deals on every flight to Damascus or any other place where you want to fly.

Apart from it, Indirect Damascus flights are accessible with a few different airlines including Emirates, Air France, and KLM by means of their main bases of operation Dubai, Paris, Amsterdam individually. These flights give you the choice of departing from a local airport like Bristol, Edinburgh and Aberdeen (Air France), Newcastle, Birmingham, and Glasgow (Emirates) or Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester (KLM). 

Attractions You Should see 

The most noted historical attraction is the Umayyad mosque, which was finished in the eighth century. The old city walls include various numbers of historically important city gates, some dating back to Roman times. The National Museum of Damascus holds exhibits of relics & artifacts from all the different periods of the various times of Damascus’ long history.

Spend some time among local people in one of the numerous Arabic cafés where coffee and tea are served alongside hookahs, the traditional tobacco smoking pipes. Probably the oldest part of old Damascus is the ‘Road Called Straight’, which was built by the Romans and has a few references in the Bible.

In the Nutshell

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