7 Places You Must Visit in 2017!

If you are still confused about your travelling plans for the year 2017 and have not decided yet about the different places that you should visit this year; then wait a second, here are some suggestions about the places that you should consider to visit in 2017.  It might be possible that after reading this post you would be booking your tickets, packing your bags to set your journey.

The Andaman Islands, Thailand

The Andaman Islands, Thailand

The Andaman Islands in Thailand portray the real beauty of nature.  The Andaman Sea has about hundreds of different islands that are scattered through it. The Andaman Islands are known for their beauty. These are famous for the parties and the different recreational activities where many tourists come. Warm and turquoise colour water of the Andaman Sea provides the perfect experience for the visitors and if you want to see the golden sunshine then the best time to visit the Andaman Sea is from November to April. You can enjoy the Krabi food, the ultimate shopping experience by buying the souvenirs, get yourself relaxed by taking a massage at the different parlours; Ao Nang is the perfect point to explore Andaman coast. Longtail boats, diving, rock climbing, swimming in the cerulean water, beach parties and the other exciting activities can make your trip perfect. The most famous islands to visit are Koh Phi Phi, Surin Islands and Phuket. The islands serve to be the natural habitat for the wildlife. Check out for the good hotels and resorts in the Andaman Islands while you are planning your trip.

Taranaki, New Zealand

Taranaki, New Zealand

Taranaki in New Zealand is the region having the dairy farms, cool people and the black-sand beaches. Mt Taranaki is considered to be the most photogenic mountains of New Zealand. Most of the people want to visit Taranaki due to its unique cone-shaped mountains but there is a lot more to do! The highly captivating coastline provides the fabulous coastal views providing some amazing surfing points for the people. Take the help from the local experts before going on surfing. Besides that the blooming gardens, parks and the golf courses, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Centre, Fun Ho! National Toy Museum, Puke Ariki Museum and Egmont National Park are the places that really worth!

Azores, Portugal


Getting the recognition from UNESCO has helped the Azores a lot to get the tourists’ attention but still a little is known by the people. It is located in the middle of Atlantic and if you are a nature lover or looking for a refreshing experience than you will become happy to visit the Azores. Azores consists of different 9 mystique islands having the fishing villages, Medieval Portuguese villages, heightened Irish cliffs, hot springs, the green Hawaiian volcanoes and the lush green fields that will be the real source of joy for the nature lovers. The combination of the green fields and the blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, lakes flowing along the volcanoes are the centre of the attraction for the different birds. Due to its potential, the number of tourists visiting the Azores have greatly increased. Watch the dolphins diving and dancing with the waves and spot the sperm whales. You can explore the islands by horse riding or cycling- this would be the real source of pleasure believe it! Don’t forget to visit the UNESCO protected site Town of Angra do Heroismo.

Oregon, US

North America USA Oregon

Oregon is another place where you can find the mystique volcanic mountains, beautiful lakes, spectacular desserts and the amazing coasts that would be making a perfect trip for you and your family. The natural beauty of Oregon is simply awesome! There are many places that worth exploring, the thick forests, breathtaking beaches and the gardens are the best. Columbia River Gorge, Wallowa Lake, Yachats, Hells Canyon recreational area, Portland, Cannon Beach and Crater Lake National Park are the places that are the must visit places. The different activities such as fishing, hiking, cycling, skateboarding, camping, ski resorts and river recreation will be providing the unforgettable experience to the visitors. The best thing is; there is no sales tax so you can easily do the shopping, saving about 5 to 10% on the different items you buy. Oregon shops are known for its unique gift items so buy all those you like.


Iran Tourism

If you want to visit a culturally rich and historically important country; then Iran is definitely the best place. The colourful bazaars, golden desserts, snow covered peaks, important historic cities and the elegant arts and crafts make Iran a perfect destination to visit. While travelling you are needed to follow the codes that are provided, and if you are an American then you must travel with a guide. The dress code is needed to be followed. Isfahan city is the most popular city among the tourists as it is well-known for the masterpieces of Islamic architecture, palaces and the bridges. Imam square present in Isfahan is the most beautiful and one of the largest city squares that are declared as the UNESCO world heritage site. The square truly represents the Islamic and the Iranian architecture. Shiraz city, the city of love is another popular tourist destination having the historic Eram Garden. Nasir-ul-Mulk Mosque which is also known as the Pink mosque is stunning and located in Shiraz.

North Wales, UK

North Wales UK

North Wales is considered to be among the famous regions for the holidays due to its language, history, music, festivals, castles, blue rivers, tall mountains, crystal clear lakes and singing waterfalls. Different monuments and the museums represent the history of the region.  Wales of the 21st century is the place that would be enjoyed by everyone. You would be exploring the legendary Gelert’s Grave and the perfect sceneries. Enjoy the night full of stars, an amazing camping experience, witness thrilling adventures such as rafting, climb the mountains or jump or just get lost in the past. Selecting North Wales for your vacations would provide you with an unforgettable experience and you would love to visit again and again.

Perak, Malaysia

Perak Malaysia

Perak the land of Grace is the second largest state of Malaysia that is prized for the natural beauty having a rich culture. The charming state has the immaculate caves, amazing beaches, appetizing food, vibrant people who will be welcoming you. The old colonial buildings and the true beauty has its own charm that grabs the heart of the people. Perak is a place where you would love to go with your family, spending the quality time with them, having the memorable moments with your family. Visit different museums such as Perak Museum. Coral beach, Perak Cave Temple, The leaning tower, Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah, Masjid An-Nur (the floating Mosque) are the other places where you would like to click the pictures with your family.

If you want to plan your vacations then consider the above places for your holidays. You will definitely have a memorable trip, do your research and find the best places among the all we have suggested for you and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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