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TheOneSpy Review: Guide on best features android, windows, & iPhone

Spy apps have gained popularity over the years, and people are reluctant enough to do surveillance on smartphones, windows, iPhones devices in no time ever before. Spying applications can track incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, locations, voice calls, emails, and many more. Tracking applications are hidden and detectable to end-users.

Today, we are going to TheOneSpy review its products for android, windows, and iPhone. Following is the handpicked list of spy applications with the most advanced set of features. Before we go into the details, you need to know about the following. 

Why choose TheOneSpy & features for android, windows, & iPhone? 

Before you choose any cell phone spy software for tracking android, windows, and iPhone you need to consider the following points. You need to know about the compatibility of the spying app with your target device. TheOneSpy has ease of installation, price, good customer support, and many other things. 

  • You need to make sure that monitoring software for phones and PCs is compatible with your targeted devices. TheOneSpy supports android, iOS, and Windows OS versions to the fullest.
  • The application takes 3 minutes to complete its setup on the target device; no matter you are spying on phones or computer devices. It has a hassle-free installation process that makes sure a successful installation process.
  • After the activation, the tracker app for android, iPhone, and windows works smoothly and efficiently on the target device. It does not require rooting, but you have to jailbreak it to monitor iPhone. Windows PCs are compatible with the spying software.
  • The application has come up with features that unveil everything on the target phones and computer devices. It is the best spy brand to monitor and track the smartphones of your kids. Further, monitor the windows computer devices of your employees.
  • It will provide you real–time access to android phone cameras, microphones, GPS location, screen, and many more things. You can record and listen to the real–time surroundings of your cellphones and computer devices by taking control of MIC.
  • If you have decided to use TheOneSpy, you will have features that provide Geo–Fence to protect your kids and trace out employees.
  • One thing is to remember that you need to install android spy, iPhone monitoring, and windows tracking software having physical access on targeted devices because TheOneSpy is unable to install without access.
  • Make sure to buy an app that you can install on the target device without them knowing.
  • You need to make sure that you need to use the application without the target person knowing.
  • The TheOneSpy customer support center is always, therefore, you to guide you and answer your queries.

TheOneSpy android spy app best Features that you need to know

It has multiple products to spy on cell phone devices running with Android operating systems. It is compatible with OS version 5.0 up to OS version 11.0. Most of the features of the application are non-rooted and works in real-time on target android devices. The TheOneSpy cell phone tracker for Android is pack with a traditional and exclusive set of features. You can use android monitoring app features to set parental control on the target device, and you can use them to monitor and track business-owned devices.

Let’s discuss the features that enable users to spy on android phones secretly and remotely. 

Top 10 Best Android Monitoring App Features 

Call recording  

It is a feature that you can use on a non-rooted android phone. You can record and listen to the live calls. Further, save the data to the TheOneSpy dashboard. It works secretly on the phone and without the target person’s knowledge.

Surround recording

Users can log in to the android phone tracker online dashboard and activate the surround recording using the sync setting button. Users can record surroundings by taking over the microphone of an android and then send the data to the web control panel.


Users can visit the TheOneSpy android spy dashboard and schedule 5 screenshots at once. Further, send the captured ones to the web control panel.

VoIP call recorder

Android VoIP call recorder is the best feature for you to record VoIP apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, skype, line, and many more. It has non-rooted features that record voice calls on a cell phone device.

Live screen recorder

Users can record live back-to-back videos of the cellphone screen and save them into the dashboard. You can watch recorded videos to know what is happening on the phone in real-time. A live screen recording app is the best tool for parents and employers to record live target phone activities on the screen.

GPS location tracker

Users can access the non-rooted cellphone device and further access the dashboard to activate the GPS tracker. It empowers you to monitor and track real-time location, location history and mark safe and dangerous places on the Map. It empowers you to track android location using SMS and calls.

Keystrokes logging

You can see all the keystrokes used on the cellphone keypad with a schedule. You can use the keystrokes logging app to get passwords, messages, and messenger and email keystrokes.

Remote spy

Users can do surveillance on the target phone to block incoming calls, messages and block internet access on the targeted device.

Social media messenger spy

Social media spying software enables users to monitor and track messaging apps chat, messages, voice calls, and voice messages logs with the schedule.

Email tracking

Email monitoring software empowers you to monitor sent and received emails. You can read the content of Gmail and shared files.

TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring app Features a guide 

The iPhone spy app is one of the best applications of TheOneSpy has ever produced. It is an application that works on jailbreak iPhones. It works secretly on the target iOS phones and iPads. It is pack with a limited but efficient set of features. You can use iPhone spying software powered by TheOneSpy to set parental control and spy on employee’s business devices.

Top features of iPhone spying app

Call logs

Users can monitor iPhone call logs secretly. You can get access to the target iOS device’s incoming and outgoing call logs with the schedule.


You can monitor and read iMessages sent and received on the target iPhone with the schedule.


Users can read sent and received SMS on an iOS device secretly, but you have to jailbreak the iPhone.


Users can monitor contact books having access to the target iPhone device with names, and email addresses.


Users can spy on WhatsApp messages, chat, and group chat using iPhone monitoring software.


You can access the jailbreak iOS device and check appointments fixed on the device secretly.

Installed apps

Users can view installed applications on the target iOS device and get a list of the applications active on the phone.

Device info

Users can track the IMEI number of a target iOS device and further get their hands on the device attached to the iPhone. 

TheOneSpy windows spying software best Features 

The digital device has come up with a mess for parents these days, and they have to spy on kid’s windows laptops and desktop devices. TheOneSpy has introduced an application that works on Windows laptops and desktop devices to measure the productivity of a business and record live screens capture screenshots, and record surroundings. Windows monitoring app is compatible with every OS version and secretly discovers activities to TOS web control panel.

Let’s discuss the top features of the windows tracking app. It prevents time-wasting, data stealing and measures the productivity of employees during working hours.

Top 10 Features of windows spy app

Windows Browsing history

Users can get access to the target PC’s browsers, like Chrome and others. Further, monitor visited websites, bookmarked webpages with the schedule.


Users can capture screenshots on windows devices back and forth without delay and let you know about activities on the target device.

View installed applications

You can view installed applications, like Facebook, YouTube, and many more. It monitors a complete list of apps alongside the names.

Computer Usage reports

Windows tracking software can do reporting for you and let you know about every activity on the laptop and desktop devices.

Activity logs

You can view every activity performed on the target device with complete statistics. Keep looking into your kids and business devices secretly. 

Screen recorder

You can view and record the windows device screen using a screen recorder for windows. It empowers you to record real-time videos of the windows device screen. Further, deliver the videos to the dashboard and watch them.

Surround recorder

Windows spy record surroundings and bug your laptop microphone and then send the data to the secure web control panel.

Computer camera photos

Users can capture photos using the front camera of the target window computer device to view who is up to the target laptop device.

Block websites

Users can block inappropriate websites on kid’s laptops running with the windows operating system.


TheOneSpy review sounds about its products and features. You will learn how spy apps for android, windows, and iPhone works and what the purposes to use these features. You can use them to set parental control on kids and protect your businesses from rouge and disgruntled employees during working hours. The application has non-rooted features for android and jailbreak features for iPhone. Windows monitoring app can spy on laptop and desktop devices secretly. TheOneSpy is monitoring software that is undetectable, reliable, and performs secretly on the target devices.

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