8 Android Apps You Must Try In 2017!

8 Android Apps You Must Try In 2017!

Whenever you check the Google Play store in your smartphone then you see that a large number of apps are available there. It’s really hard to decide which apps you must download on your phone. People probably consider the reviews given by the people and don’t consider the underrated apps. There are many free and paid apps that are available and we have compiled the list of the apps that we consider that you should try in 2017. Try these all and if you like any of them then continue using it.

  1. 1. Google Trips

Google is a big name and is already helping the people in travelling because of the Google Maps but it thinks that this is not enough and has come up with the app named as Google Trips that will be making it easier for the people to plan their vacations and make their trips memorable.

By using this app you would be easily planning and save your plans, not only that you can also make the reservations using your Gmail account. Also, this app lets you providing the details related to the food and drink, tourist attractions, transport, medical care and the expenses. You can easily access the information offline as the saved trips are available for you.


  1. Morecast

If you want yourself to keep updated with the weather conditions then you can try Morecast. Well, a number of weather forecasting apps are available and also your android phones have it by default but you can try Morecast if you want to try a new app. It provides the cool interfaces having a quite sensible and simple layout. Also, it has a number of different features such as it let you compare the weather of the two cities and also keeps you updated about the weather conditions of a particular route, so, whenever you are travelling you can rely on the information provided by it. Another best thing about Morecast is, it’s free!


  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Next, up on the list, we have SwiftKey Keyboard, a customizable and effective keyboard, well this app is not new but the progress it made cannot be overlooked. It makes the use of the AI and learns the writing style of the user in which the emojis are also included. The autocorrect works in the way that adapts according to your style. It caters the different themes, designs and supports 100+ languages. Its other prominent features include the dedicated number row, SwiftKey Flow that allows the gesture typing and some of the features are only supported by the certain Android versions only.

SwiftKey Keyboard

  1. iA Writer

It is a simple text editor that is specially designed for the writers to write the essays, white papers, novels, poems, business proposals and the screenplays. Well, it is used by the different humorists, business leaders and the poets. The app is designed with a neat and clean interface so that the writer won’t be distracted while writing the story, novel or essay. A focus mode is provided that turns all the writing that is other than the current sentences into light grey colour. It also provides the different templates, night mode and word count but it’s up to you whether to use them or not. Once you are done with the writing then you can easily transfer it to HTML, PDF or MS Word and easily publish it to WordPress or transfer it to the Google Drive or Dropbox.

iA Writer App

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards let you earn free credit that you can use on Google Play. This app needs you to fill in a survey questionnaire and on returning it you are provided with a cash reward. The survey would take your few minutes and you will be provided with one survey per week. Well, you cannot make a large amount of money because of this app but you can earn few dollars a month. The credit can be spent on different apps available in the Play store.

Google Opinion Rewards App

  1. PhotoScan

Technology has made everything smart, we have smartphones and smart TVs, but still in the digital era, we have many printed photos that we haven’t scanned or transferred to our laptops as they are old. And it is sometimes problematic to share them online but with the PhotoScan app, Google has made it easier for us. It only needs you to adjust the position of your Phone’s camera over the printed photo and then move it by following the instructions, that’s all! You‘ll have the digital copy of your photo on your phone. Well, it not just about taking the photo, it eliminates the blurriness; crops the photo ensuring that the edges are positioned straight.

PhotoScan App

  1. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is an excellent app as it got the award from Google for the design. The app is full of the different top-quality images and the easily readable text, you will definitely enjoy using this app. Search for your favourite recipe as they are divided into different categories like beef, comfort food, vegetarian so that you can easily select the category and then search for your favourite recipe. Also, you can save the recipes you like in the in-app cookbooks. Not only that you can also watch the videos for cooking to watch the recipes also. It will satisfy your all your learning needs that are related to cooking.

Kitchen Stories

  1. Isotope

Isotope is the learning app that is built to facilitate the learning of the elements present in the periodic table. It is provided with the high-quality images of the different elements that are provided with the in-depth information including the atomic number to the properties of every element. It is also useful for the kids due to its simple interface and the trivia present for each element. This app is free that provides the images and the information for the different elements.


Try some new apps for your android this year and have a good experience while using them. There are many other apps that we have not enlisted as we have selected these eight for you so you can go for your favourite one.

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