5 Best Legal Essay Writing Service in UK That Students Love

Meeting all school commitments on time seems impossible for students, especially because of today’s active lifestyle. Lots of essay writing services have appeared on duty in order to deal with the heavy amounts of workloads. Many UK companies offer high quality and fast aid for writing essays in short periods.

For students, such services are undoubtedly suitable if they have problems or little time on their hands. Essay assistance in the UK helps you pay professional writers to ‘write my essay’ if you’re already caught up in some tasks.

Hardly a novelty, professional essay writing services act as mainstays in the life of students. Finding the right one for your needs is not an easy task especially considering the claims on everyone providing the ‘best essay writing services.’

In terms of popularity, some of the greatest essays writing assistance provide some questionable quality of writing. More consistent results may actually be delivered by websites that are more underrated. Whatever the case may be, it all comes down to whether the services are legal or not.

Buyers guide

We evaluated the pricing and traffic of the best essay writing services. Here are some other factors that we took into consideration


These essays will be handed in at universities, colleges, and schools- which is no secret. The quality of the original piece cannot be overlooked even if the student does rewrite the content. The quality of the content was taken into great consideration in this article. In fact, after establishing that the services were legal, most weightage was based on the quality of a services’ work.

Essay Writers

The writers hired by the essay writing companies needed to be capable, experienced and professionals at handling any paper thrown their way. This was built on quality. This record, as such, looked into how the screening of each platform occurred and the available methods for each customer.

Customer support

Online services are bound to cause problems for customers at some point. Hence, the way that sites dealt with negative feedback, revisions, and complaints was administered to make sure that customer services were up to par.

Our Picks for the best essay writing services


 EssayDone is a writing service that does not just limit itself to academic papers and essays. EssayDone.co.uk can edit your paper, rewrite it, and write your essays to give it more of a polished and professional look.

EssayDone clearly understands what customers want from their paper writing services since they have been in the business for more than ten years. EssayDone should be your number one choice if you’re looking for quality and fast orders. On major essay help review sites, it has a rating of 4.98. This one tops the list when it comes to college essay websites that are highly rated in the UK.

Their services have been diversified greatly, especially since they have been in the writing game for quite some time. Every assignment that’s delivered to students is 100% original and goes through strict quality assurance. Their website is rich in features, with every element being right where it belongs.   


  • The high customer satisfaction rate
  • Are able to meet tight deadlines
  • The interface is user friendly
  • Papers are 100% unique
  • Can assist with technical papers


  • Services can cost a pretty penny 


Academic writers working for EssayMills.co.uk offer the best paper writing services because they understand your need. Customized help is offered on their website. You can be sure that this company will meet the needs of your academics because of their top rating of 4.8/5 stars online. Most of the reviews and comments online are positive about the service.

The website is completely transparent in the way they run their agency, the website ensures and offers exactly what students need to get the A-grade. All levels of help are offered to students, whether it’s a PhD, Masters, or even college. Ace your exams in an instant with EssayMills.co.uk by your side.

This is one of the top players on our list because if it’s efficient in catering towards the needs of 70,000 successful stories, give them a try to avail world-class grades. Their papers are always delivered in time, so you don’t need to send in repeats.

You get a paper that’s first-class in every way after you seek academic writing services from this British website. With professionals on board, the services ensure that a student transition and powerful visuals grab the audience’s attention. 


  • The students are always on their minds when they hire academic assistance. 
  • The customer support team is timely and welcoming
  • Essays have a success rate that is higher compared to other companies.
  • You get all types of services, including coursework help, thesis and dissertation writing assistance, writing services for case studies, help with essays, services for term paper writing and presentation help 


  • The website does not cater to already ready samples
  • Their proofreading and editing prices may be higher


 Other than the fact that AffordablePaper.co.uk provides legal services, they also offer the element of affordability. At best, it would be impossible to find an agency that offers high-quality work at the quality that GenuineEssay.co.uk boasts for the same price. Work some magic on your project with the help of reliable and experienced writers at your disposal.

They use their experience and perks to check out quality and spot checks that completely eliminate any plagiarized work, contextual text, and grammatical errors.  After the project has been turned over, AffordablePaper.co.uk offer services of quality along with ensuring that the content is original and error-free


  • The company provides anonymous interaction for the interaction between the writer and the client. 
  • Services are affordable for non-deadline work
  • Anonymous interactions are provided by the company. 
  • Content is original and free of any errors. 


  • The level of academics increases the price of each paper


It does get much older than NursingEssays.co.uk if you believe that older is better. At the moment quality content by the company continues to be implemented in an extensive range of services. Their experience in the field is evident with the offering of a variety of assistance.

The extensive range of services that they offer is completely legal. Their services include nursing essay wiring, nursing research papers, nursing thesis paper writing, custom writing, and custom college papers for nursing. Depending on the difficulty of your project, the site also enables you to choose the writer’s expertise. 


  • On bulk orders, you may avail discounts in some cases
  • Depending on the difficulty of your project, you can choose the expertise of the writer
  • Payment from different platforms are allowed by this website
  • This company has been around since the dawn of days
  • An extensive range of services are offered by the company


  • The options of nursing assignments that students can choose from may lead to information overload
  • For more complex offers, the bill may rack up quickly

Assignment ACE

AssignmentACE is everything it seems and more, just as the name suggests. As soon as you log onto Assignment ACE, you are met with a breath of fresh air, for good reasons. AssignmentACE is another web service that provides great legal services, even though they are not the cheapest on the block.

The company hires expert writers in London to land students A grades through their years of academic experience. Its responsive and modern website is one place where excellent services prevail. Orders can be placed in minutes through their easy to use website.

As made evident with their samples, expert writers on-board are confident in sending out reliable, relevant, and great content. Several topics and niches are catered towards. Instead of going in blindly, the website has a relevant sample page. Not only that but unlimited revisions are offered to their clients, free of charge. 


  • Original content is provided with unrivalled quality
  • Timely submissions are a must
  • Customer service is run 24/7, making them unique. 
  • Services are private and anonymous
  • Writers can only be hired if they have gone through verified academic backgrounds 


  • Prices may shoot up on deadlines that are tight


Who will ‘do my essay’?

The person that you outsource your papers to should be competent and reliable. Writing services that are reputable usually only hire writers who have extensive experience in writing or hold advanced degrees. Rest assured that our list caters to all factors.

The companies on our account require that writers go through extensive training and hiring processes before being asked to complete any orders. AssignmentAce is a prime example of a company that receives around 950 applications in a month but only selects around 3%. 

Is it a form of plagiarism to order essays?

Ordering a paper, no matter how tricky the question may seem, is not a sign of plagiarism. While submitting someone else’s as your own piece may just be. All the rights are given to you when you offer a research paper online, so let’s get that straight.

However, most academic writing companies still have disclaimers like “all the assignments are provided for research purposes” on their website.

Are essay writing websites safe to use?

When it comes to the online space, security is a significant threat. Means of infiltration are constantly being developed by hackers in their attempt to infiltrate the system. Lucky for you, this trend is being curtailed through various forms of data encryption of these websites.

 In order to ensure that the customer’s computer remains under protection during the process of ordering, the websites on our list have an antivirus plug-in. Your data is protected in all instances through their confidentiality and privacy policies.

Why is legal research important?

Law is a fundamental aspect of modern society, which makes legal research important. You are being groomed for a career in which you will be responsible for interpreting subjects if you’re a student. When conducting research or writing an essay, companies must ensure that they follow the set guidelines by law. 

Even though there is a need for essay writing services to present themselves legally, they rarely do. This is the reason we took it upon ourselves to list 5 of the best paper writing services in the UK. While similar to general research on the surface, the legal research process differs in numerous fundamental ways. 

Final verdict

As long as universities and teachers keep assigning essays, research papers, and so on, there will be websites for essay services on disposal for students to keep on top of grades and deadlines.

However, it’s still a bit of a grey area on whether or not students should rely on these services or not. Whether they decide to work with writing platforms that are trusted and legal is ultimately their choice. You are paying for the convenience, knowledge, and experience, even though the pricing may be high.

These writing services come to the rescue when students need the grade or simply don’t have time to do the research themselves. To make sure your content is top quality, all you need to do is pick out the best of the best or the services on our list. 

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