12 Tips to Buy Cheap Theatre Tickets in London

If you are living in London then enjoying the theatre is a good idea to make your weekends special. It is the good source of entertainment as you can enjoy it with your whole family or with your friends. But the theatre tickets are seen to be becoming expensive that makes it a little difficult for the people to manage it from the limited budget they have. Well, the common problem is how to buy the cheap theatre tickets in London as they might be sold out! If you will not be able to get the tickets for your favourite play then you will be needed to plan something other to make your weekend enjoyable. If you want to get the tickets at the cheap prices so here are our quick tips for that, so just cheer up!


Cheap Theatre Tickets in London

Tip#1 Go for online tickets

The most convenient way to get your tickets is to go for the online tickets. You will not only be able to save your time by this, but also it will allow you to get the amazing discounts. Use the different online websites that are well-reputable and also they provide the discounts. Theatre Monkey, Get into London Theatre.com and Lastminute.com can be good sites to get the discount offers on the theatre tickets.


Tip#2 Check the Leicester square TKTS booth

Go to the Leicester Square TKTS booth as it offers up to 50% discounts on different tickets on the day and in advance up to a week. If you want to get the last minute tickets then TKTS booth in Leicester square is probably the best option.


Check the Leicester square TKTS boothwe

Tip# 3 Go for previews

Previews are another good option as before the official opening night these are shown and they mostly aremuch similar to the final shows. So it can provide you with the joy and less burden on your pocket at the same time.


Go for previews

Tip#4 Get the membership

If you are a theatre lover then getting the membership will be something that will be a treat for you. Different discount bundles and offers are provided to the members, so that every time you will have the double treat; enjoy the show along the discounts! So are you going to take the membership?


Get the membership

Tip# 5 Advance booking

In some of the cases, advance booking can really work. Sometimes it is good to buy tickets in advance as you are offered with the good prices for booking your tickets in advance.



Tip#6 Standby theatre tickets

There is always the chance that you can buy the standby tickets that are the tickets remaining or are returned. Select your favourite show but have the other choices also, as you will be seeing a long line so get yourself prepared for that!



Tip#7 Go in the form of a group

Another trick to enjoying the discount is you should go in the form of a big group rather than two or three people.  Certain number of people are needed to be in your group and it may vary. Generally, a group comprises of about 10 people. So ask your friends and cousins to join you and enjoy the theatre so that you will be provided with the cheap tickets for your favourite show.

Go in the form of a group

Tip#8 Consider the weekdays

You can also plan your programs at the weekdays if you want to get cheap tickets. Weekends are the busiest, as many people plan to watch the theatre shows on the weekends. So consider the weekdays as you will be getting the discounts for up to 50% and the money you save from that; you can use them to enjoy your weekends.


Consider the weekdays

Tip# 9 Take your kids with you

Taking your kids with you can provide you with the discounts especially at the kids’ week; so take your kids along you, Kids under the age of 16 can enter free having an adult with them paying fully for his ticket. Also, they can buy the tickets for their two kids at the half price.


Tip#10 Wait for some time

If you are not able to get the tickets at your desired prices then be patient! The latest shows will have the most expensive tickets, so if you won’t be able to see your favourite show on a particular day then you can enjoy it after some time. Many shows in London usually run for a year or sometimes more.


Tip#11  London pass can be the saviour

If you have the London pass then you will be able to enjoy the discount up to 40% on the different West End Shows. If you don’t have the one then go and have it.


Tip#12 social media can be helpful

Social media can be a very effective platform as different companies use this platform to promote their products and the services. So many online ticket providing agencies also make the use of this platform to offer discount vouchers and the other offers that you would enjoy. Lottery seats are also available, people are needed to just participate by spending a certain amount of the money and after the draw, a limited number of tickets are offered at the discount.

Any plans for this weekend? No? Go and get the tickets for your favourite show. Don’t worry if you won’t get the cheap tickets for this weekend, consider the weekdays, you will definitely get the cheap tickets. If you won’t, don’t panic keep trying for your favourite show!

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