11 Easy Ways How to Make Yourself Happy

Happiness is something that is very precious, there are different reasons that make the people happy; for instance, you can make a kid happy by giving him his favourite chocolate; some people become happy in less; well some are those who are never happy even you provide them with the most expensive gifts. Well, happiness is not about the expensive gifts; it is about the satisfaction; for instance what will make you satisfy will always be the source of happiness for you. People who have all the things but still they are not happy; the main reason is, they are not satisfied with what they have and they always compare their life with the others.


Make Yourself Happy

#1 Ask yourself first what makes you happy – start with the basics

Don’t think that only something splendid can make you happy; focus on the basics like don’t let yourself hungry and have a proper sleep at the night.


first what makes you happy

#2 Find happiness in small things

Start thinking about the small things that are easily accessible and make you happy; never mind even if it’s a slice of your favourite chocolate cake or listening to your favourite song just go for it! Don’t chase the happiness; give priority to the things that make you happy and bring happiness to your life. Life is too short so enjoy it; enjoy the winters with a cup of coffee, look at your surroundings; you would be finding the happiness in the small things just like a funny cute act made by your cat, children playing together or splash the water of the sea and enjoy it, do anything!


happiness in small things

#3 There is no use to blame others

Many people blame the others that they are the main reason for their sorrows; remember that this won’t be working. You need to tell yourself that if you are making your decisions yourself then how you can put the responsibility on the shoulders of others. Maybe you have asked for the advice from the others but keep in mind that the final decision is in your own hands.

no use to blame others

#4 Don’t tie your self-esteem so strongly

High self-esteem is often associated with the satisfaction but it might cause the other problems such as the ego. Also, researchers have shown that the people who do not bind the self-esteem tightly with the external motivators normally are not so emotional and don’t think much about it. So as a result of that they are seen to be happier.

self-esteem so strongly

#5 Stop looking at others

If you really want to become happy then you are needed to keep in mind that you should stop comparing your life with the others who are living in a better condition than you. This will obviously make you more anxious and you will never be able to satisfy yourself. So if you want to keep yourself happy then please do not compare yourself with the others, work on yourself, and see where are you 45 days from today after facing more on yourself rather looking at others.

Stop looking at others

#6 Appreciate yourself

Another thing you need to learn to make yourself happy is; you must appreciate yourself. For instance, if you are making an effort for something but are not able to get the desired results; then consider that how much efforts you made to accomplish the particular task. Appreciate yourself on the basis of the efforts you made and not on the basis of the results.

Appreciate yourself

#7 Act till you feel it!

It is said that if you are not happy from inside then there is no use to act fake. It is hard to act that you are happy when actually you are not. But you know what? This actually works to make yourself happy. For instance, if you are feeling bad then start acting that you are cheerful, after some time you will actually feel better.  Try to smile as it allows stimulating the chemicals that induce the happiness so you will be feeling happier. If you are angry with someone then try to recall the good times you spent with him; this will be helping to evade the anger.


Act till you feel it

#8 Try some meditation exercises

For living a cheerful life it is necessary that you must be healthy. You should take yourself away from all the anxieties; so try some mind relaxing exercises. Maybe yoga, as this will be relaxing your mind, taking your anxieties away from you; giving you the peace of mind that will make you happy.


Try some meditation exercises

#9 Become happy with the happiness of others

Find happiness in the happiness of other people. If your friend is happy and shares it with you, then consider his happiness as yours. If you won’t be considering the happiness of others positively then you will become jealous of their happy life that will be making you anxious.


Become happy with the happiness of others

#10 Help others

Helping others is another way to make yourself happy. It gives you the pleasure that you are the source of comforting others. Look at your surroundings, you will be finding many people who will be needy. You can also help your mother or your wife in doing the little home chores.

Help others

#11 The act of giving

The act of giving always makes a person happy, give gifts to your friends or your other family members. The happiness you will see on their faces will be giving you the immense joy!

The act of giving

Happiness is surely beneficial for us! Negativity always creates the problems and leads a person to think more about the things he doesn’t have that eventually makes him stressed out. So try these things we suggested to you, neutralize the negativity around you and make yourself happy. You will be getting the long-term benefits plus you will be the source of happiness for the others. Be happy and bring the happiness for others.

Important: If you are undergoing through a tragedy or have the mental health problems like depression and anxiety then these tips may be not much helpful to you. You are needed to see a psychiatrist who will be helping you out.

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