We Suggest You to Read These 9 Books for Improving Your Writing Skills

You might have many books present in your book shelf related to writing skills and most probably you have bought these all to improve your writing skills. Well, you won’t be able to become the master of writing in just a few days and you know that. Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea; even the most experienced writers are seen to be facing the problems sometimes. It is not necessary that the only thing that creates a trouble is the grammar or the related knowledge; you are also needed to incorporate your creative skills. You must continue to educate yourself if you want to be a good writer. Remember that nobody is perfect but you can improve your writing skills by upgrading them by reading some good books.


9 Books for Improving Your Writing Skills

The most common types of the books that are related to writing include the books about the technicalities of writing, structure and those discussing about how to become a good writer. Most of the writing books are those that will be providing you with the writing advice, but you must understand about your needs to grow yourself as a successful writer. Therefore it is essential to select the appropriate book for you so we have brought some suggestions for you that will be useful to you.

  1. The Gregg Reference Manual

It is the complete guide by William Sabin for the proper grammar, style and formatting. This book is equally good for the students and all those who are involved in this business. It really has all the things that you need to know about writing the essays, letters, documents and even how to write to different people like the bishops and senators.

  1. Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

This book is the perfect combination of humour and guidance as it describes the different grammatical and punctuation mistakes that people make but in a lighter way. So this will be serving as an excellent guide as Mary Norris will be making you laugh harder sometimes knowing about the different common mistakes that we even don’t realize most of the times. So you will be laughing and learning, both at the same time.

  1. The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers

This book will be helping you out in refining the sentences and developing the different characters that readers will be enjoying without making the clichés. John Gardner is a little strict when he is a teacher but if you really want to polish your writing skills then just put your ego aside and learn from him.

  1. Writing tools

Just like the name, Writing tools is a really important resource for the writers. Peter Clark has discussed 50 different strategies that will be helping you out in becoming an effective writer. Well, this book narrates many of the strategies in a pretty simple way that you will be finding in the other writing guides also; but there are many other strategies that you will be finding unique and interesting to learn. If you really love to write then this book will be very precious for you.

  1. The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century

This book is the masterpiece as it contains the really useful advice for the boring and dull academic writing that the writers deal with. You will be surprised to see that how easily Stephen Pinker has given the useful tips for the writers that can be easily applicable. It will be guiding you about selecting the correct words, and how to use them in a sentence properly; so that it will be anchoring reader’s attention. He has also addressed the issues of the punctuation mistakes and using the passive voice, what’s wrong with that? He considers that passive voice is an effective tool to make your reader understand the particular situation effectively; it works in the same way as the cinematographer does to grab the attention.

  1. The Mother Tongue – English, and How It Got That Way

The Mother tongue is the exceptional piece of writing written by Bill Bryson that has provided the stories related to how the English language originated, highlighting the different things that make this language strange sometimes.

  1. The Emotion Thesaurus

The Emotion Thesaurus written by Angela Ackerman will be very helpful for the writers who want to focus on their writing skills and bring the improvement in it. It will be helping you out to present your writing with the true depiction of the emotions that is very important for the fictional and the personal stories making your writing expressive and interesting for the readers.

  1. Bird by bird

Bird by bird by Ann Lamott is the real treat for the writers who love to be creative. This book won’t restrict you to adopt a typical essay writing style; rather than that, it will be unleashing the creative skills of the writer. This book is great for the writers who have full command of the grammar but still, they are not able to provide the flow and smoothness in their writing.

  1. Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity

You must read this book written by Ray Bradbury. It will allow you to focus on the creativity and burst the bubble of typical writing. Bradbury provides very useful tips for the writers who want to focus on the quality and at the same time, they don’t want to make any compromise on the creativity. So if you love to be creative then you must read this book.

Books are the most powerful sources to teach ourselves, we can learn a lot of things that can create a difference for us; all we need is to find the right books that are written by the big names. Once you have found the right book for you then it will be changing your way of thinking, changing your writing style. So have you decided to read these books or not?

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