Include These Colours in Your Wardrobe for This Spring/Summer Season

We are heading quickly towards the spring season of this year and the change of the season means that you must be changing your wardrobe too. Spring season brings the happiness for all, as the flowers are blooming everywhere, giving the pleasure to our eyes. Well if you haven’t planned about your wardrobe for this spring season then this post will be helpful to you in deciding what colours you must include in your wardrobe.  Get your wardrobe updated with the bright and vivid colours along with some shades of pastel and neutral palette. It is time to wear different colours with confidence, are you ready to see our choice for this spring/summer season 2017?



On the top we have the shade of soft blue; Niagara that will be soothing your eyes. This colour is more like an intermediate shade of denim. But this shade is very versatile as you can wear it with different other colours. This shade will give you the feeling of relaxation, the same feeling when you see the Niagara Falls; so you must include this colour in your wardrobe. It will look amazing in the silk fabric or you can go with the different printed fabrics to wear it.


Orchid in the pastel palette

In the pastel palette, orchid belongs to the saturated hue shades. This colour resembles lilac but it is a brighter shade that can be placed in the category of bright purple. This shade gives the pleasure to the eyes, you can easily wear this shade as a whole or mix and match with other shades.


Primrose yellow

The spring season is incomplete without yellow colour. For this spring and summer season, you must include yellow in the form of the primrose yellow. This vibrant and beautiful colour is enough to wear alone without any contrast or the accessories. You might have seen the beautiful primrose flowers blooming in the gardens during the spring season so it will be a good idea to wear this colour and celebrate this season.


Classy Hazlenut

Hazlenut is another versatile colour that we have on the list. It is a plain and neutral colour that is so elegant to wear. This shade is considered to be one of the favourite shades of the people this year. It will make you feel special as this colour looks so stylish; you can wear it at the day time or at the night time both with the light makeup and a classy hairdo.


Colour of 2017, Greenery

Inspired by the nature, Pantone’s colour for 2017, Greenery is considered to be a refreshing shade that will be complimenting the spring and summer seasons both. Greenery is the colour that speaks itself; it depicts the grass and the vegetation that is seen during the spring season. This colour is expected to be worn in the spring and summer season more; as it is the colour of the year that truly represents the spring and summer. Wear this colour in the combination with the other refreshing colours like Lapis blue and increase the freshness of this shade.


Refreshing Island paradise

Do you love to wear the cool shades like aqua? If yes, then cheer up, you can try the new shade of aqua family, Island paradise that is really refreshing and cool and reminds about the blue waters of the ocean. You can wear this colour with the different shades of green for creating the aqua illusion. Lace dresses or the pretty embroidered dresses of island paradise colour can be worn throughout the summer and spring season.


All shades of pink

Pink colour is considered to be the feminine colour and girls love to wear this colour. Well, pink is still in for the spring and summer season. It is the colour of sweetness and attraction. Spiced up your wardrobe with the vibrant shades of pink like shocking pink or pink yarrow or if you want to move to the dull shades of pink just go for it. Pale pink, magenta, fuschia or pale dogwood, pick any shade of pink randomly to wear as pink is still in.


Colour of purity, white

Next up on the list is the colour of purity, white. Wear white with confidence as it is the symbol of elegance and delicacy. White lace dresses, coloured crop tops with white skirts or trousers or the white gypsy-style skirts all these will look gorgeous.


Vibrant red

Be bold and beautiful and wear all the bright shades of red you have. Red always look good; so go for red silhouettes or the flaring maxi dress, or with the plain red tops with coloured pants, all bright shades of red will look stunning.


Army shade, Kale

Another shade of green that represents the nature and greenery is Kale. This shade is ideal for the outwear pieces like the trench coats and the jackets. Skirts of Kale colour will look good and besides the garment pieces, this colour will actually look so charming for the accessories like the bags, sunglasses or the sandals.


These were our favourite picks for this spring/summer season. So be ready for wearing these colours from the pastel, bright and neutral palettes. All these will give you a stunning look, all you need is to carry yourself confidently. Are you ready to include these all in your wardrobe or will be going for some of them only?

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