Top 10 Tidbits To Rock Your Halloween Party 2020-2021

Do not think it is the weather’s fault if you are feeling a sudden chill down your spine. It is just the Halloween season settling in and leaving a spooky aura on everything. This year all the parties need to be socially distanced and following standard health rules is a must. But that does not mean that we cannot have some ghoulish fun with friends and family! Not only are there decorations to put up and a snack menu to decide. The Halloween costume you choose is always the most important decision of all.

The same goes for when you are invited to a party. Because who doesn’t want to have the most unique and interesting costume, or even a genuine leather jacket, right? With the passing of years, the range of Halloween costumes you can choose is getting even more vast. There are so many celebrities, superheroes, other fictional characters, creatures, and objects to go as. The list is literally endless. But how to narrow down on the one costume that you would most enjoy? And can also impress others with? Look no further as we have made the choice easier for you. Go through our top 10 last-minute Halloween costume ideas, and you will surely find one you love.

  1. Sorceress

The sorceress or witch costume has not gone out of style even in 2020. The reason behind its popularity is the sheer versatility of this costume. You can stay true to the creepy spirit of the holiday and do a complete long nose and warts look. Or glam up this costume with a little black dress and sexy gothic make-up.

  1. Dinosaur

A cute costume that is meant for both grown-ups and children alike. Takedown the spooky meter a notch and become a cute and cuddly green dino. It is also a great costume to keep warm at evening parties with the autumn chill in the air.  You can even lounge around the house in it if you are having a strict socially distanced holiday.

  1. Harley Quinn

The Harley costume is still as well-loved as it was when it first came out. The costume also has great potential for being tweaked here and there. There are a lot of versions of Harley that your costume can be inspired by. The comic book Harley has the classic look of a jester with her red, black, and white pattern. While the movie Harley has various bold and vibrant looks to choose from.

  1. Bunny

The next on our list is the Rabbit costume that is another adorable option for kids also. It is a very easy costume to DIY too. A rabbit-eared headband withdrawn whiskers will transform you or your kid into one. A full rabbit suit is easy to slip on and keep you warm and cozy on Halloween eve.

  1. Clown

Pennywise haunted a lot of dreams after his debut in the IT movie hit the theatres. And he also becomes a major choice of a spooky costume for Halloween. You can dress up as a funny clown or go more along the lines of Pennywise. A versatile costume that can also be really scary to have some fun with friends and family.

  1. Angel

Angels are a great costume that does not even take much preparation. The minimal version of this costume will need wings, a tulle skirt, a halo headband, and a wand. It is a refreshing and sweet costume idea for Halloween for adults and children alike. You can also wear a Leather Trucker Jackets, but sprinkling a bit of fairy dust over your costume for added magic.

  1. Fortnite

There are plenty of video games and specifically Fortnite fans out there. Who wouldn’t love to make their favorite characters come alive from the game? And there are so many to choose from which also makes it an easy last-minute couple’s Halloween costume idea. DIY them at home or buy one to wow all your fellow partygoers.

  1. The Devil

Another searing choice for Halloween, dressing up as the king of darkness. It is practically the most fitting choice for this holiday. Go for a fully frightening look or a fashionable style with horns and traces of red.

  1. Ninja

All of us in childhoods were fascinated with ninjas and Halloween is a great time to dress like one. A cool and suave looking costume that is mysterious and appealing when you put it on. There are plenty of versions to choose from which are also available online.

  1. Spider-Man

A Halloween costume list simply cannot be complete without a superhero costume! Go for the classic spidery suit or follow the more versatile avatars from Spider-Verse. A great costume for both children and grown-ups both. Here is our complete list of the best Halloween ideas to spice up your holiday. We are sure you will find one that suits your style and preference.

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