Some Easy and Quick Breakfast Ideas for Your Kids

One of the biggest problems for the mothers is how to make the right choice for the breakfast of their kids. Nowadays kids do not want to eat the boring breakfasts. They want something unique for their breakfast. The most common thing we want to give our children as the breakfast are the different cereals that come in the big attractive boxes. But breakfast cereals are not only what your kids need. Your kids are growing; you are needed to give a complete breakfast to your children that will be fulfilling their all nutritional needs. If you are thinking that you are giving organic cereals to your kids then you are needed to know that even these cereals are also processed before they reach to you. These packed cereals have some kind of sweeteners that are also not good. The processed grains can cause the damage to the intestinal lining and also it can cause the tooth decay. Besides that, the artificial flavours, colours and the different preservatives also do not make them the ideal food.


For the breakfast of your children switch to more savoury and homemade dishes. If you are giving something sweet then add the fruits to make it healthy. We know that it would need some efforts but remember that it is about the health of your kids, so think about it! You are needed to meet the nutritional requirements of your kids as they are growing. Their brain needs good fats for functioning properly. For your ease, we are sharing some breakfast ideas with you by which you can give healthy breakfast to your kids. These are just the suggestions and you can also make some variations to these or find some good recipes like these yourself.

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Try some breakfast egg muffins as they are easy to prepare. These are full of nutrients such as proteins. You can easily modify the recipe by adding the vegetables that are loved by your kids such as spinach, tomatoes or any other veggies. You can also reheat them and give them to your kids the next day also. These colourful muffins will be loved by your kids as they will be having something new for their breakfast.

Try some new pancake recipes

Take yourself out of the typical pancakes. Make some variation in the pancake recipes; add some tropical fruits to them; banana and almond pancakes are also a good option for you. Your kids would love to prepare these banana and almond pancakes with you.

Breakfast puzzle sandwich

Make the breakfast attractive for your kids. Try breakfast puzzle sandwiches. You can prepare them by using the flat bread, sausages, cheese and egg. First, prepare it as a whole and then use a cookie cutter to cut the big sandwich into small cute sandwiches.

Protein Smoothies

You can also give smoothies to your kids in their breakfast. Don’t give the same smoothies every day. You can give banana smoothie one day, then next day try a strawberry smoothie. You can also make a smoothie with coconut milk, almond butter, coconut oil, vanilla, banana, egg yolks and add a flavour of your kids’ choice like strawberry or chocolate to it. They will enjoy it and also it will keep them full. Don’t worry if there are so much ingredients as there are no additional sugars in the smoothie.

Easy Chocolate Croissants

Make croissants from the basic croissant recipe and then you will be needed to give five more minutes to add chocolate chips to it and then bake them. You can serve them with chocolate sauce

Fruit cup and hardboiled egg with whipped cream

Hard boil the eggs at the night and then peel them for the breakfast. After peeling them add fruits and then whipped cream at the top. This combination will be fulfilling the nutrient needs of your children.


A simple oven omelette is easy to prepare. Add some veggies and meat of your choice and cook them in the oven, after that add some eggs and scramble them put the whole into the oven. When prepared, make thin slices and then you are ready to eat it. You can also use some leftover things to prepare this omelette.

French toast

French toast is a simple and easy recipe and it can be perfect for the weekend breakfast. You can also involve your kids in preparing these. Ask them to beat the eggs and do other small things. Just make it sure that they don’t make too much mess as you have to clean your kitchen alone.

Coconut Flour Waffles

Waffles are considered as the important breakfast recipe. They are rich in protein as they contain eggs. You can serve these coconut flour waffles along with the whipped cream and strawberries and then add the maple syrup for the topping.

Oatmeal with coconut and mango

Use the coconut milk to cook the oatmeal and then add mangoes and fresh coconut to it. This will be adding the delicate sweet flavour to the oatmeal with the creamy texture. You can add more mango cubes on the top if your kids want.

Consider the ideas we have given to you for the breakfast of your kids. We know you would love to see your kids enjoying the variety of the food in their breakfast. When you prepare food at home then you are not needed to be worried about the freshness and quality of the ingredients. So prepare your list and go to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients and prepare some healthy breakfast for your kids.

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