How To Make Waffles Without A Waffle Iron

Would you like to try waffles in your own kitchen? But how, I don’t even have the waffle iron. Hey hold on, we are here with an amazing waffle making a recipe that you can use to make the waffles in your own kitchen. Yes, this is true, maybe you are still wondering that how it would be possible, tada! The answer is simple, use your grill pan.

Waffles Without A Waffle Iron

Make waffles in your grill pan

You can very easily enjoy the delicious golden homemade waffles without using the waffle iron. That’s great! I don’t want to use the single-use gadgets, why I should spend on it if its use is limited to the waffle making only. It will be a good idea to buy a grill pan if you don’t have the one. You can use it to make many things like grilling the vegetables, making the grilled sandwiches plus the waffles.

Is there any difference between the grill pan waffles and normal waffles?

Well if you will be making the waffles using the grill pan then you will get something different but the taste and the texture will be the same like the waffles; means you will get a crisp in the outer layer but a fluffy airy texture from inside. Another difference will be, the syrup will not be dripping out of these waffles. But that’s not the big deal! I can compromise on these small things to get the yummy taste and texture of the waffles.


Let’s have the recipe!

Now that you know about the differences, and if you still want to try the recipe then read it below:

You will need:

  • A batch of the waffle batter
  • Grill pan
  • Spatula
  • Butter
  • Wire rack

Step 1:

Prepare your waffle batter using any of your favourite recipes.

Recipe of Waffles

Step 2:

Place the grill pan on the burner and heat it on the medium flame. To check whether it is heated properly sprinkle some water on it (Do not sprinkle too much water). If you hear the sizzling sound and see water drops are dancing then you are ready to go.

Wait till the water dries up and then grease your pan with butter. Wait till the butter melts and it makes the sizzling sound.

butter melts in Waffle

Step 3:

Take the ladle and pour the batter using it. Let it spread evenly, you can make the size according to your choice, it’s totally up to you. You might not find the perfect shape, but it’s ok due to the pan. You might get the cute cloud shaped waffles, Wow!

Waffle Chef

Step 4:

Lower the flame to medium-low. This is the most important part. Be patient, give about 3-4 minutes to it. This allows forming the char and the nice golden ridges on the waffles without burning them.  So let it cook evenly and wait till you see the edges are not wet. Otherwise, you are going to get something creepy.

Lower the flame

Step 5:

Use a spatula and flip the waffle.  Insert the spatula below the waffle and then bring it to the centre so that you can easily flip it. Be careful as you can also break it while flipping.

Step 6:

Press the waffle with a light hand to get the ridges and cook till it is done. Now transfer it to the wire rack and let it cool for some time so that you may get the nice and crispy edges. (Wire rack does not let the steam to soften edges)


waffles without a waffle iron

Step 7:

Now you are done with one waffle, repeat the same procedure and make the waffles from the remaining batter. You can make more than one waffle at the same time if you are confident that you can handle these. Otherwise, make one at a time.


Use the butter to grease your pan whenever you need.

When you are done with all the waffles; keep them in the oven at the lowest temperature just to warm them up.

Use your favourite toppings such as the homemade jam, butter, whipped cream. And here you go!

jam, butter, whipped cream

Will this work for me?

As we have already mentioned that you will get not the exact look of the waffles but the taste like them. If you want the exact look then you will need the waffle iron off course. It’s all about the crispy edges and a little hard work, but you will really enjoy them. At least you will be able to satisfy your craving.

So don’t wait, if you don’t have a grill pan then go and get one. Get a good recipe if you don’t have or simply use the waffle mix of any good brand and get ready to enjoy your homemade waffles. Try it, you will enjoy the new look of the waffles!

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