How to write a dissertation literature review

Are you a fish out of water when it comes to writing a dissertation literature review? Perhaps, it baffles you because you are unaware of what actually its purpose is. However, we’re here for you as this guide will outlay all the steps you need to draft a perfect document. But wait up, before diving in straightway, let’s understand what it is…

It is basically a critical assessment of the scholarly sources on a specified topic. Consequently, it looks for the gaps, lacking in your existing research by overviewing the current knowledge and other relevant things. Anyway, let’s get weaving into scribbling it effectively.

The Six Steps for Writing Dissertation Literature Review

1.            Hunt down the Relevant Sources

The sources must be balanced and pertinent. You shouldn’t just incline toward plenty of journals. Rather include adequate books and other published works as well. You should form a checklist of questions before digging into these. For instance, what are the potential issues that require attention? Or how about the methodologies?

After that, it’s time to wade through your sources. Tedious eh? Well, it’s a situation that demands throwing one’s hands up in the air. The more you read, the more you can utilize your critical skills.

2.            Check Out Samples

Recall the time while you were casting an eye on pertinent samples before taking service from Essay Mills. Nevertheless, they created a vivid image of what your assignment demands from you and it helped you communicate your ideas to the writer.

In the same way, scanning through dissertation literature reviews will help you start confidently. As you will be able to familiarize yourself with the tone, style, and language being used in it. Having an idea will kick-start your process as you will come to realize the components- which are needed to be included. In short, it will assist in forming a big picture.

3.            Ensure That Your Sources Are Updated

You might retort, “Now? After reading them?” Well, yes. Though you have most probably gone through the current ones. But still giving a real quick check is necessary. After all, conducting such a review establishes your apprehension of current research in a particular field. Especially before moving forward with an investigation. Even if you have read earlier resources, still you will be able to connect the dots.

4.            Identify the Gaps

This step can excavate extra marks for you if you run a good critical analysis. You must aim for pointing out weaknesses and lacking. It is simply an unanswered question or an unresolved issue that has not been tackled. Identifying the gaps raises your efforts to the next level. This is because it shows that you are knowledgeable enough to be updated about the current research work.

5.            Organize Your Work And Begin Writing

Since there was too much to do and so little time therefore it prompted you to be agitated. And eventually, you settled for a dissertation writing service UK. Well, this is another example of academic writing. But now it is up to you not to turn it into a nightmare.

You’ll be having a superfluity of texts. Overwhelming explosions are inevitable yet you should consider organizing them to save time and effort. Once you have arranged all themes, topics et cetera, it’s time to give your fingers some exercise. Commence scribbling…chop-chop. The samples must have given you an idea of the body and other related features. Just stick to the standards and guidelines provided to you. And soon you’ll be able to overshadow the rest of your classmates. 

6.            Jot Down An Impactful Conclusion

Though the conclusion is kind of a summary of the implications. Yet you must leave a lucid idea in the reader’s mind. It has to be concise and effective. The more skillfully you have written the above features, the more powerfully you can wind up the conclusion. Thus, make your voice heard and wonderfully wrap it.


Now that you are infused with important points that you need to cater for achieving your purpose. It’s time that you get started or step up your game. You need to fix in your mind that the literature review shapes your image. It highlights your grasp of the subject and in-depth understanding. Though presenting all this knowledge is a herculean challenge yet it’s capable of being defeated. Thus, roll up your sleeves, clear your mind and embark on this writing journey.

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