Co-Working Spaces: What’s So Special?

You must have listened about co-working. Well, it’s about providing a workspace to people who are the freelancers or work for the others. Mostly it is said that the co-working spaces can fulfil the isolation needs of the freelancers. They can work in a peaceful environment enjoying the different facilities at the affordable prices. The co-working spaces can attract the startups, freelancers and the entrepreneurs where they can save money, share a properly managed workplace and increase their productivity.

There are many advantages!

You might sometimes feel it awkward sitting in the café and doing your work , co-working can be the better option for you; though you will be needed to pay but in return look at all the benefits of co-working. Different co-working spaces provide the option to work part-time or  full-time using the different packages they provide.

Get affordable high-class office space

Well having a small budget would not allow you to afford an awesome office. Somehow, if you managed to get a good office; then what about the other facilities like furniture and broadband? Co-working is the easy way to get a high-class office space in an affordable manner. The different co-working spaces are designed in such a way that the functionality and the quality are not compromised so that you can work comfortably.


You are not provided with an open office where you can be seen by everyone. To ensure the privacy you are provided with the facilities like the meeting room and quieter workstations where you wouldn’t be interrupted by anyone.

No typical boring office environment

Quieter cubicles do not mean the typical boring office environment. The different co-working spaces make it sure that their environment should be less formal than the typical offices so that people can socialize with the others and share their ideas.

Increase your creativity and productivity

You can increase your creativity and productivity by meeting with different people. By sharing your ideas with the others and taking the advice from them; you can increase your productivity thus growing yourself.

18 amazing co-working spaces in the UK and other countries you would like to work

Below we have provided the list of different 18 amazing co-working places that are present in the UK and other countries of the world:


Huckle Tree, London, UK

Having the spacious and specially designed co-working spaces Huckle Tree is considered to be an amazing co-working space in Clerkenwell, London. Not only the shared offices are equipped with the modern needs, but also they have focused on providing a healthy and sustainable environment for all. The energy-saving equipment, recycled material furniture and plants show their commitment to the environment.

Central working, Manchester & London, UK

Central working operating in London and Manchester, have the ideal co-working spaces that are specially tailored according to the needs of the entrepreneurs and the freelancers. They have all the facilities that are needed such as the coffee shop, spacious shared office spaces, and high-speed internet. You are not needed to pay for the things you don’t want to use.

The Melting Pot, Edinburgh, UK

Considered to be the centre of social innovation in Scotland, The Melting Pot is considered among the pioneers in the co-working spaces in the UK. Their shared offices truly meet the standards of working. If you are a freelancer, living in Edinburgh or looking for the startup in Edinburgh, The Melting Pot is the right place for you.

Rabble Studio, Cardiff, UK

Located on the third floor of an old Victorian Spacious building, that has the wooden floors, and high roofs; Rabble studio meets all the needs of the freelancers and the entrepreneurs. 16+ workstations, a meeting room, lounge and the kitchen all these things make it a cool place to co-work.

WabiSabi, Belfast, UK

Working at WabiSabi is about increasing your productivity by interacting with the others. They know that isolation lowers the productivity that ultimately has the impacts on your business. It is present at the centre of Belfast, providing all the facilities so that you will enjoy working at WabiSabi.

The Egg factory, Hebden Bridge, UK

Just like its name; The Egg factory is an interesting place for co-working. They offer the shared desk spaces either for the full day or half day with all the facilities that are needed for the creative people such as the photography studio and screen printing. It is a perfect place for you if you belong to the creative community and want to pursue with excellence.

Die Zentrale, Frankfurt, Germany

Die Zentrale is a small co-working place yet it provides the opportunities for the entrepreneurs and the freelancers to grow themselves in the shared workspaces, friendly environment where you can enjoy the coffee at the coffee shop. Besides an effective working space, they would provide you with the other facilities such as the hangout area, library, seminar room and the mutual kitchen.

Mindspace, Hamburg, Germany

MINDSPACE provides the platform to the entrepreneurs who want to excel their career with the creative minds. They have put their innovative ideas to design their offices that would be the source of inspiration for the people and also they would be able to work in a friendly environment.

Utopic_US, Madrid, Spain

Utopic_US is present in Madrid, Spain that provides a warm environment to the people so that theycan develop themselves professionally and bring the improvement in their work. If you are using their shared spaces then you can also use their training schools. They know the importance of sharing and collaboration and want to provide the opportunities to all.

HUBspa, Naples, Italy

HUBspa is present in the business hub of Naples that attracts the innovative and talented people who want to flourish their career. While working in a co-working place like HUBspa you will get the chance to meet and interact with different people who could help you out to grow.

Remix Coworking Centre, Paris, France

Remix is a quite lively place having its uniquely styled six closed offices for 80 people. Not only that, a conference room, meeting area and common kitchen would give you a pleasant experience.

Coworklisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

It is present in Lisbon and considered among the best co-working places in Lisbon. It provides the opportunities for the programmers, designers, photographers and all who belong to the creative community.

Common Desk, Dallas, US

Common Desk is the shared office space for the small businesses, freelancers and the entrepreneurs. It has the beautiful workstations that motivate the people to collaborate with others, share their ideas and work hard. There shared offices are present in Oak Cliff and Deep Ellum.

Coworkrs, NYC, US

Coworkrs takes the pride to provide the best shared and private workspaces in New York. They have fully stocked kitchens, lounges, meeting rooms, private office suites and the number of different facilities that give the workers the freedom to work peacefully in a friendly environment., Karachi, Pakistan

Share Desk provides the co-working space for the freelancers and the small IT businesses. Their shared office space is spacious and creatively designed where you can work in the hygienic and friendly environment. Also, you can give full attention to your work enjoying the tea and other facilities such as the meeting area, kitchen and prayer area etc. Work peacefully in a secure environment and get the chance to interact with the other experts in your field.

BeeHive workspace, Banglore, India

BeeHive workspace is the largest shared office space present in Banglore. They provide the people with the best environment where they can thrive by working in the innovative office spaces. They will be provided with the different opportunities to intermix with the other people who can bring the positive impacts on their career.

One Roof, Melbourne Australia

One Roof is present in Melbourne and the specially designed co-working spaces are for the businesses that are led by women entrepreneurs. It has the beautiful interior and exterior, yoga, meditation, meeting rooms and the opportunity to access the different workshops that would motivate the people to continue working with passion and dedication.

Hub, Sydney, Australia

Present in Sydney and having the world-class facilities Hub is considered to be the important place for the freelancers and the small businesses who dream to grow. Having the cozy workspaces and all the facilities Hub is considered to be a perfect place for the different businesses.

We have discussed in detail about the different co-working places and provided you with the information about some of the co-working spaces present in the UK and other countries. If you are a freelancer or looking for the start up then we will suggest that you must consider the shared offices as this will provide you with the great opportunities to not to just increase your knowledge by socializing; but also you would get the chance to grow at a great pace.

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