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12 Things to Avoid at a Workplace: Corporate Culture Survival Tips

If I am not wrong, then there are at least 75% of the people who are suffering from chronic stress at their workplace. This could be due to the reason that the environment of the workplace is either way too toxic or too much over-friendly.

Also, the political environment at the office and the major strictness is also the reason of turning a happy workplace into a toxic one. I understand, working in a toxic environment quickly erodes the resilience of an individual and in the end, he turns out to be the one who is toxic!


Major surveys have also highlighted that how the worst stress of people stems from having a very toxic workplace. This is the type of environment that is poisonous for the mental peace of a person and can dull his potential.

If an employee would ever complain about the toxicity of the environment, he would be advised to remove himself from their right away however, this isn’t possible a couple of times for so many people who are surviving in the toxic environment.

This is seen very less that the toxicity of the workplace would ever be removed. However, this has been widely observed that a person who is facing toxicity leaves the environment as soon as he gets the chance.


The corporate culture basically points towards the beliefs and the behaviors that would determine how the company’s employees and the management interact and handle the outside business transactions.

The culture of the company is also reflected via the dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, client satisfaction, treatment and health care of the employees, and also the other aspects of the operations.

The experts from the AssignmentMakersUAE share that their organization is thriving with the positive company culture that they have grown by time. The satisfaction of the client along with the benefits of the employees makes the environment of the workplace positive and happy for everyone.

This indirectly lands the company in the list of great organizations that respects their employees and their valuable input.


I understand the reality of the corporate culture, there are so many people in the company who are not only toxic but also a threat to your progress. In such a case, this is highly recommended to leave the toxic workplace and to get away from poor corporate culture.

The leaders often do not remove the toxic people from the office and you have to survive in the negative corporate culture until and unless you find a better place.

Below I have broken down 12 things that you must avoid at a workplace to survive the corporate culture of that one specific organization. Boosting your resilience at your own pace and creating your own boundaries are two important elements that you must develop in order to survive in the corporate culture.

You are highly advised to first think before you could act at a workplace. Have a look at these 12 things and make sure that you aren’t performing any of these to survive the corporate culture.

Taking personal calls:

Attending personal calls and getting angry over the call is highly prohibited at the workplace. This disturbs the environment of the office and is never appreciated by the management of the workplace.

Sending the personal emails:

There are several Presentation Design Services Dubai that does not allow their employees to send personal emails while being at the workplace. These are the basic manners and one must never send personal emails through the office.

Discussing the co-workers:

Gossiping about the co-workers and discussing their performance at the office is definitely not an action that could be appreciated. You must avoid discussing the co-workers at your workplace.

Excessive use of social media:

Avoid using too much social media at the workplace. You go to the office to perform the tasks for which you are hired. So make sure to avoid the use of social media and mobile at the workplace.

Arriving too late at the workstation:

Coming late to the office is just like destroying your own image in the eyes of your boss and the higher management. Make sure to follow the office timings properly and do the check-in and check out appropriately.

Interrupting and getting over-friendly:

If someone is talking and sharing his point of view then you must listen to him at first and then say something. Interrupting the other person and getting over-friendly with anybody at the workplace would definitely decrease your respect.

Inappropriate clothing or overtired appearance:

Do not go to the office in inappropriate or questionable clothing. Your dress code must be decent and should make you look respectful. Similarly, overtired appearance and sleepy looks are also not like in the workplace.

Questionable documents:

Make sure that each and every of your document is authentic and genuine and must not have any lie in it. Keep your documents with yourself and make sure to appear genuine towards the organization.

Uninformed and unexcused absence:

Your uninformed and unexcused absences can lead you to a bigger loss in your career. Make sure to inform the HR manager about your illness or the emergency that you are facing before making an off.

Personal life interruptions:

Do not try to interrupt the personal life of your colleagues. Make sure to keep your office life and personal life separately and do not focus on your personal feelings and emotion while being at the workplace.

Backstabbing and sharing of sensitive information:

The company is built with trust and once it is broken, it can never be regained. Sharing sensitive or confidential things with others is not appreciated at any office. Make sure to avoid backstabbing at the workplace.

Disturbing others and taking long breaks:

There is no need to disturb others in the office. Make sure that you give your complete concentration to your work only and do not disturb the other colleagues. Also, avoid taking long breaks for lunch and coffee in order to save your maximum time.


This definitive and comprehensive guide would help you understand the don’ts and dos of the workplace. Make sure to survive in the corporate culture either it is toxic or non-toxic with the help of the aforementioned 12 tips.

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