11 Effective Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful

Your hair makes you gorgeous as they make you more beautiful and confident. Nobody wants the dry, dull and rough hair and that’s why people are seen to be investing highly on the expensive products. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair they must be healthy. If you have tried different hair care products and still you are not able to get the super soft and glossy hair then you are needed to focus on the basics. Learn how to use the different hair care products effectively and make some healthy habits as the part of your daily routine. You will feel the difference by learning the basics properly. Below are some effective hair care tips that will help you out to keep your hair healthy, long and strong.


#1 Deep conditioning

We all have heard about the importance of conditioning and we make it as the part of our routine. If you have dry hair then you need the weekly conditioning and if you have normal hair then use the conditioner bi-weekly. This will keep your hair moisturize preventing the breakage.

Quick tip:  According to experts you can also use the conditioners that are present with the hair dyes in the emergency condition. They contain silicone that coats the hair making them super glossy. You can use this quick trick for special events.

#2 Take healthy diet

Our hair growth depends on the diet we take; it means that if you are taking the essential nutrients in the desired quantity then your hair will become healthy. This is a fact and no one can deny that. Vitamin A, C, D and E are essential for hair growth. Make vitamin-rich foods as the part of your diet. Besides vitamins; zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins; these all are important for your hair. Eat eggs, meat, chicken, fish and beans to make your hair healthy and use drugstore mineral powder for your skin.

#3 Don’t comb or brush wet hair

When wet, hair is weak so you are needed to treat your hair gently in this condition. Don’t comb or brush your hair when they are wet and instead of that just dry them using the towel. Wrap your hair immediately with a towel to make them manageable and reduce the frizz.

Quick tip: Don’t rub your hair with towel as this will make the cuticles rough that might lead to breakage

#4 Massage your scalp

When you are washing your hair then massage your scalp using the fingers as this will improve the blood circulation.

#5 Oiling

Oiling is essential as it will be making your hair shiny, beautiful and strong. Different hair oils are available in the market; before buying, make it sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or any other oil that suits you.

#6 Use silk pillow covers

Sleep on the silk pillows; silk pillow covers prevent your hair from becoming tangled. Sleeping on the silk pillow will provide a smooth and slippery surface for the hair preventing them from becoming rough.

#7 Avoid the hairstyles that cause stress

Hairstyles that are too tight such as the buns, braids and the ponytails can cause the hair breakage due to the stress. So try to take the break and go for the loose hairstyles that will be putting less stress.

#8 Get your hair trimmed

People believe that if they want to grow their hair then they are needed to skip the haircuts. Remember that the dry and the split ends will never let your hair becoming long. Get your hair trimmed after 4 to 8 weeks and used hair colors from different will give you good looks. If you don’t want to lose the length then the best way is to just trim off the split ends.

#9 Use the dry shampoo in the proper way

Dry shampoo is very useful but if you won’t use it properly it will be causing the trouble. Use it on the roots and then use the dryer. Most of the people make the mistake as they apply it to their hair, rub it and leave it. You are needed to remove it from your hair to remove the extra oils and the dirt so just make sure that it is removed from your hair properly.

#10 Don’t take long showers

Everyone enjoys long shower but do you know it is not good for your hair? According to experts if you take shower for more than 10 minutes then it makes the hair dry by washing away the essential oils. Even if you enjoy long shower; you are needed to think about it as you will be harming your hair.

#11 Avoid using the hot tools

Do you style your hair every day using the heat, such as using the hair straightening iron, curling rod, blow dry? Have you ever think about the damage you are doing to your hair? If you want to style your hair then you must use the heat smartly; set your tools on the lowest setting and don’t forget to use the heat protective spray before hair styling.

Use these tips to make your hair healthy and beautiful. Your personality is incomplete without beautiful hair as they give you the courage and confidence. Carry your hair gracefully and let them become your strength.

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