10 Amazing Food Trends For The Year 2017

New Year has brought new trends with it. Just like the fashion trends, there are the food trends for the year 2017. After making the research from the different sources we have collected the amazing information related to the expected food trends of the year 2017 and created a list by reviewing the different them.

Purple is in!

One trend that we found to be common in the different sources is; purple colour is going to be in! Surprised as it is not about the fashion but about the food?  But this is what we have found from the different resources. All that is purple in colour is in, like purple cabbage, purple carrots, purple potatoes, a bowl of blueberry acai and purple smoothies (having blue berries and bananas). This would be helpful from the health point of view also. The purple vegetables have the antioxidants like anthocyanin and the different other nutrients. For instance, purple cabbage has double amount of the polyphenols as compared to the green cabbage. Anthocyanin and polyphenols are reported to be helpful in preventing the cardiovascular diseases. Switch to purple means switch to a healthy food.


purple blueberries summer fruit fresh

Tacos trend

Another interesting trend that we found; is the trend of tacos. According to BBC good food in this year hyper-regional food will be trending. Authenticity will be the first choice of the people, there are different recipes for the tacos but if you are the fan of authentic Mexican taste then you can add the typical Mexican flavours to it.



Healthy drinks

2017 is expected to be more inclined towards the healthy non-alcoholic beverages. Forbes has recommended the combination of the fruits and the flowers for adding the flavours to the different beverages. Try out something healthy and make your own drinks by combining the different flavours together. Cold pressed juices, charcoal activated water and mocktails can be used instead of the alcoholic drinks.


Healthy Drinks


Sounds something like barbeque? No, the charcoal is not limited for smoking the food or for the barbeque. This year you will be seeing charcoal in the drinks and the desserts too!




Jackfruit will be becoming famous this year according to the experts. It can be used as the meat substitute. This fruit is enriched with protein, calcium, potassium and iron.  It can be grown in the tropical and subtropical regions both. Its mild taste and the meaty texture will be loved by the meat lovers.



Turmeric is common in the typical South Asian foods whether it is about their curries or the gravies, they add turmeric to it. It is anti-inflammatory, anticancer and has the properties of the painkiller. This year turmeric will be ruling the culinary world and many recipes will be recreated by using turmeric in it.


Sea vegetables

Vegan food will continue to set the taste buds. For having the variation in the vegan platter; add sea vegetables to it.  You can find the different seaweed products that are healthy. Nori that is used in Japanese Sushi you can you can also use them as the part of your salads or simply eat it along the rice by sprinkling it on the top. Make the use of the sea vegetables for bringing the innovation in the vegan cooking.

Sea Vegetables

Crunchy breakfast

Get ready for a twist in your breakfast! It is expected that in 2017 the texture of the breakfast will be changed. You will be eating something crunchy for the breakfast may be the fried chicken. So you should prepare yourself for such breakfasts as it is possible that you would not be offered with the soft and smooth breakfast such as the scrambled egg or the oatmeal.

crunchy breakfast

Switching to healthier snacks

Snacks cannot be eliminated from the list, but they can be moved to the healthier snacks. Get something healthy for your snacks like the zucchini chips or baked potato chips. It is recommended that you should cut down the sugar content and increase the protein intake in the form of the healthy snacks. Instead of relying on the packed snacks; take your own homemade snacks with you. You can create your own bites by making small chicken rolls or stuffing the pita bread with chicken and cucumber or make a small cup of the yoghurt, healthy fruits and the nuts. Instead of using the fried snacks prefer to bake them.

Switching to healthier snacks


Smart kitchen

This years’ kitchen will be smarter than the previous year! The camera plates, small sized frying pans, some different unusual methods for the cooking will be used; from the equipment to the techniques our kitchens will be smarter this year. The smart Totali tea device and the IKAWA Coffee roaster are just amazing!

These are some of the food trends for the year 2017. You can pick all of them for you or can avoid some of them; it’s up to you! But this is what 2017 will be bringing for the world of food. Stay healthy and eat healthy in 2017!

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