What Does MCM Mean on Instagram?

MCM is a fast circulating internet slang; you might be wondering what it means in real life? These three-word abbreviations mean “Men Crush Monday”. But, just like this term, there is another one which is “WCW”, and it stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday “.

Remember the golden times of the 80s and 90s when you would love hanging out large-sized wall posters, calendars, and wall murals of your favorite artists, basketball players, celebrities, and singers. It’s just that we are born to have this natural love for people that play certain characters in the most famous movies such as Spider-Man, Bat Man, Thor, The Iron Man, and the list goes on and on. 

It is not unusual for women to have their first crush on a celebrity. The secret of falling in love with a famous artist is just so intense sometimes that you start daydreaming about having a male character as being your partner. This is not insanity or any psychiatric disease or disorder; this is a natural phase in which your emotions are too strong for someone. I have seen women getting their bodies inked with the faces of famous male celebrities. I would not write anything against their love and obsession because we all have our own ways when it comes to expressing love. 

Hanging a large-sized poster of a celebrity over a wall may not be enough for some women to feel satisfied with expressing their love and feelings for someone. Now there is a new trend that is allowing them to share the pictures of their male crush online on Instagram and Snapchat. 

What is Man Crush Monday?

A man crush Monday is just a day on which you can post an excellent picture of your favorite male artist, singer, musician, influencer, or celebrities on Instagram. You can share a picture of your husband or boyfriend if you idealize him in any passionate way. You can make shorts by making a presentation out of collages of your male crush and post it on your Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Taking part in Man Crush Monday:

This world is changing very fast, and all the credit goes to ongoing trends on social media networks. You have more freedom to enjoy this planet because you will never be judged on how you express yourself unless you are too obsessive about anything else. Like if you love someone, you can pay your regards by sharing your story with their images on your social networks. It would be an inspirational thing for you to do. However, you must not do it every single day as your viewers, friends, and loved ones will grow bored of it. 

So if you are having an extreme amount of crush on a man, you can write about him and express your love for him by sharing his picture on social media. But you now have a day to do it on, and it is Monday. There are hundreds and thousands of people doing the same on Instagram these days. So not only women have this freedom of taking part in MCM, but also men can show their love for their favorite male celebrities and artists by sharing their pictures. And for this, they won’t be judged or bullied; afterall, we have some people whom we admire and adore the most, either for the characters they play in movies or series or for their active participation in community or game. 

Prerequisites of MCM:

There are no specific rules and regulations for you to follow if you wish to take part in Men Crush Monday or decide to celebrate Monday by sharing the best collection of pictures of a male personality whom you adore from the core of your beautiful heart. 

  • You can make an art of his picture by adding stickers and emojis. 
  • You can share his pictures regardless of your gender, age, and location. 
  • You won’t be judged for liking or idealizing any personality as this day is for everyone. 
  • The pictures could be of any artist, celebrity, artist or even of anyone whom you admire personally, such as your father, husband, brother, or colleague. 
  • You should post the pictures of any man whom you like on Monday only. And if you wish it to have more Instagram views, then add the hashtags “mcm” or use the slang in the caption.

As for uploading the pictures, you need to do what you always do. Go to your Instagram profile, upload pictures of your crush, including emojis, stickers and any text. Write the caption MCM; if you have downloaded the picture from the internet, it is possible that it is already online with the same hashtags you are planning to use in the post or story. Be versatile, make it an art, customize it to make it noticeable. 

If you happen to have more than one crush, you can share pictures of each and everyone on Instagram with the caption MCM. It would be a way to pay your tribute to them and express your love for the work they have done. 

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