How to see your liked posts on Instagram

Having social networks is such a blessing as you get a way to connect with the entire world from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when learning was confined to classrooms and school systems only. Today, you can learn almost everything online from making money online to doing makeovers, tactics of marketing, and working out at home. 

Playing games online is also possible with thousands of other game players to have more fun. There was a time when you only had a console to play your game on, now you have online platforms to participate in gaming competitions and it’s the best time to kill your time. Social networks are making it possible for you! You can communicate with anyone from your smartphone and befriend as many people as you like on Instagram without knowing them personally. Socialization has become a great part of everyone’s life these days and it could never have been better than this before. 

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Instagram and Socialization:

Instagram is one of the most famous social networks, such as Facebook and Snapchat, which makes it possible for users to feel free when it comes to interacting with people all around the world.  Remember the time when you could only see big pictures of celebrities in the magazine only, on the contrary, now you can send them a direct message on their social account. And you are more likely to have a response as well from their side. 

I must say that socializing through the internet is really fun because you get a chance to connect with more likeminded people who would never judge you for anything that you do. It’s because these people are doing the same things as well and they have interest in everything you do. You interact with them and grow your circle, thus becoming more creative.

Instagram posts:

Since Instagram is so famous with billions of active users everyday, you are going to find a lot of useful, interesting, and entertaining content there. If you love game cheat codes, your best option is to follow the famous game influencers who are promoting the games of your choice. They usually have a lot of nice cheat codes and tricks to share with their users to boost their gaming experience in the best way possible.

Once you log into your Instagram, you open a whole new world to endless content, images and videos. You can even spend your whole day browsing and finding the content, I bet you will never get bored of it because this is really exciting. 

If you normally spend a good deal of time everytime viewing the posts of the people you follow, you might have a habit of liking and sharing their posts as well. Sometimes you end up liking too many posts a day and you cannot keep track of it yourself.  So the question is what if you wish to look back at a post that you liked three days ago, you still remember the content of that likes on Instagram post vaguely and now you want to see it again.

How to see your liked posts on Instagram? 

You can definitely see all the liked posts on Instagram because you can view your recent post activity on the account. Facebook allows the users to find the posts that they have liked or commented on by going into the recent activity. Just in case you are lost in the sea of new posts, you can still find out the old posts you have viewed or commented on. Follow these steps to see your liked posts on Instagram. 

  • Go to your Instagram profile page. 
  • Scroll down at the right icon of the screen.
  • Click on the setting option.
  • Tao on the menu.
  • Here you will see the option “posts you’ve liked.”
  • Click on the option and you would be able to find all the posts that you have recently liked.

You might want to review the old posts because you still remember how compelling their content was. Or perhaps you wish to keep track of the new posts from all the Instagram users whom you are following on their accounts. Since you are following too many people, you cannot view the posts of all people, you want to save your time by reading the posts of only those users whose content was more fascinating. 

There’s another reason why you may want to go through the old posts that you have liked, it’s that you are in a learning process and you need to revise the memory. Let’s say you watched a video on “how to do a braid” a month ago, although you learned a lot from the video yet you are now missing out on a few steps. The best way would be to rewatch the videos to learn what you have missed out or forgotten. As I mentioned above that Instagram is a way for people to learn online as well, it’s just that going through the old makeup and hair tutorials could revamp the memory. Sometimes you don’t learn everything by merely watching a video one time and you may have to watch it again for all the steps in order to understand it better. That could be one reason for wanting to find the posts that you have liked on Instagram either weeks ago or just a few minutes ago. Whatever the reason might be, you can now find the posts and view them easily. 

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