Mobile Games That Grossed the Highest in 2020

Here are the Top 5 Mobile Games That Grossed the Highest in 2020

In the past year, we all have just stayed at our homes due to the novel coronavirus. As soon as the pandemic spread out through the entire world, more than 190 countries closed their boundaries for travelling purposes. Majority of them imposed the lockdown in their respective states to prevent the spread of the virus.

Majority of the companies implemented the work from home mode and this is now the new normal. Schools and educational institutions are also facing closure since March 2020.

This is what the new normal of our lives become and now we are living with the precautionary measures and masks on our faces.


This wouldn’t be wrong if I say that we have spent our whole quarantine and lockdown in just using digital gadgets and mobile phones. Isn’t it? Not only children, but women, youngsters, and even men have been witnessed surfing on internet during the quarantine.

This is just a rough observation.

It definitely would not be a surprise if I would say that the internet witnessed a huge growth rate in its user in the past year of 2020.

-There were almost 4.66 billion active users of internet which makes up to 59% of the global population- reports of October 2020 reflected!


Another fact over which we can easily believe is the exceptional growth of the gaming industry. As the internet saw an upward surge in its users so did the gaming industry.

To kill the boredom, people choose to opt gaming which gave rise to the emerging gaming talent. Well, you must have downloaded some games for yourself as well, isn’t that so? Everyone is playing their choice of games available in the store of their respective smartphones.

The year of 2020 has been a bumpy ride to all of us but, this has also turned out as the golden chance for so many companies to earn huge revenue.

Same luck goes with the gaming companies that witnessed huge revenue and grossed highest in 2020. You might be thinking how is this possible?

Below I have compiled a list of top 5 mobile games that earned highest in the year 2020 and are ultimately receiving huge response from the audience. This detailed guide would help you to look at some facts and figures of the top 5 mobile games that grossed the highest in 2020.

We will look into the matter from the perspective of overall revenue. Let’s get into the study.

Genshin impact:

Genshin impact is an online free-to-play action game developed and published by miHoYo. The game received up to 4.5/5 stars via Google playstore and 4.6/5 stars via Apple app store. The game gained up to $239 million in player spending.

Around 31% of the Genshin impact revenue was from Chine. Japan contributed up to 24.5% and 19% was shared by United States. Due to the extreme growth rate of internet, people got to get themselves engaged in any activity and gaming was the best option around. Genshin impact is recently available on mobile to play.

People believe that the real success of the game lies behind its gacha-style gameplay.

Honor of kings:

As per the reports of 2020, Honor of kings released by Tencent was the second highest earning mobile game. It is a multi-player online battle arena that was developed by TiMi studios. The game is having 4/5 ratings on Google Play and up to 7/10 rating on

With up to $225 million in the grossing revenue, honor of kings has become the second most played game in the world. It has been calculated that the game received up to 65.5% growth rate in a year. Almost 96% revenue of this game has been obtained from China.

These role-playing games and multiplayer online battle arena kind of games are always in demand and that is the main reason for the growth of mobile.

PUBG Mobile:

Talking about the most-played and widely downloaded mobile game- PUBG mobile game! Not to mention, this battle royale game is simply outstanding to play and is the part of the series of Player Unknown’s Battleground.

The game has sold up to 70 million copies on personal computers and game consoles as of 2020. PUBG mobile has received up to 734 million downloads grossing over almost $4.3 billion on mobile devices. Huge enough, isn’t it? The customized PUBG outfits are also available on online stores for the fan following.

The game is having 438.92 thousand active players as per the reports of November 2020. It is the only game that is thriving on the web, computer and mobiles at the same time. The youngsters and teenagers are highly involved with the game nowadays.

Pokémon go:

Pokémon go stands fourth in the list of highest grossing mobile game of 2020. It is another most played game on the mobiles with up to 4.1/5 ratings and 4/5 ratings on App store of Apple. Also, Pokémon go is an augmented reality game created and published by Niantic.

The game has also received the BAFTA games awards for mobile and handheld. The game is recently looking for the subscription service for the players as well.

Pokémon go broke the records of its record breaking spending in the first half of 2020 by generating up to $445.3 million.

Coin master:

Coin master is also in the list of top 5 mobile games that grossed the highest in 2020. With 4.3/5 ratings on Google Play and 4.6/5 on Apple play store. The game is absolutely free, single-player, and casual mobile game created by the Israeli studio Moon active.

The game cashes up to $500 million in the year of 2020- indeed this year has been simply fantastic for the gaming companies.

Coin master is highly being played in UK and Germany.

THE QUICK RUNDOWN: This comprehensive guide would let you know about the games that grossed the highest in 2020 and would keep on doing the same in the upcoming year. The gaming industry is growing rapidly and we can sense more growth of games in the future and if you need any of the game’s outfits just visit CelebrityJackets for all kinds of jackets.