10 Meeting Behaviours That You Must Avoid

Office meetings are important and often you leave the strong impression on your boss and the other co-workers during these meetings. You can present your ideas in the effective way to show your commitment and leaving a good impression. But it does not mean that being a good employee needs to only participate in the meeting; you are needed to work hard, but it is a plus point if you are presenting yourself effectively in a meeting. Before heading to the meeting room you are needed to know about the meeting norms and what are the things that could spoil the meeting. So here are some of the things that might ruin the whole environment plus they might offend your other colleagues:


Being late

The most irritating thing is to wait for someone. Imagine your colleagues waiting for you in the meeting and often it is possible that they might start the meeting without you. Not only it wastes everyone’s time but also it creates the negative impact on your boss that you are disorganized. We are sure that you won’t like to leave a bad impression! So next time try to be punctual.


Not Participating

Another thing that is not good; is the lack of the interest. Every meeting has someone who does not participate in the discussion or having the attention somewhere else. If you are just sitting then you are just fulfilling the formality of being present at the meeting. Come on, you are sitting with your boss and colleagues; you must be interested in the different matters that they are discussing.


Speaking on irrelevant topics

Above we have mentioned that you are needed to participate but remember that it does not mean that you are the only one who needs to participate. Don’t involve yourself in each and every comment or don’t repeat the things that have been already discussed. Be focus and come up with the strong points that really worth.


Checking your phone

Using a mobile during the meeting, I mean, are you serious? It is the worst thing to check your mobile phone during the meeting or answering the call. It seems to be very unprofessional and causes the distraction for the others also. It might indicate that the meeting is not important to you. Whenever you are entering the conference room just silent your mobile phone or if you cannot resist it then just simply leave your phone at your desk.




Healthy discussion is good and sometimes there comes a point at which argument is developed during the meetings. But this does not mean that you are needed to disrespect someone or involve the personal grudges in this condition. The other issues can be resolved in an effective way outside the meeting room. If many co-workers disagree with your point then you are needed to consider that might be it is better to listen to others and don’t take it personally.


No notes

Notes are important during a meeting as they allow you to note down the important points that you must remember. It becomes more interesting when you will be writing the thoughts shared by the others developing some other points in your mind.


Taking the whole credit

If you are a team leader and you are praised for your work, then it will be good to mention the efforts of your teammates rather than just enjoying the admiration. This will not only impress your boss but also it will boost the confidence of your team. Besides that, this will be creating a positive environment giving the message that all those who work hard; their efforts are recognized.


No preparation

Do I need to prepare myself for the meeting? Yes, even if you are an effective team leader. Remember that everyone would be expecting some contribution from your side; so, it is a wise decision to do some preparation. Do your homework and prepare some strong points you want to discuss.

Side conversations

Side conversations are distracting and could make it difficult for the others to understand what’s going on. Control yourself; avoid talking to others as you are just spoiling the whole environment. Write down something that you need to discuss with someone and then after the meeting, you can start your discussion.



Interrupting others

It is seen that some people are too impatient to express their views that they even don’t care that someone is talking about something important. Interrupting others and presenting your own point of view is considered under the bad manners; even in your daily life. Be patient, wait for your turn or at least let the others finish.

We hope that you will agree to all the points we have mentioned above. Remember that it’s all about the norms and the respect you give to others. If you leave a negative impression during the meeting, then all your efforts and your reputation will be affected negatively and you don’t want this. Conducting the staff meetings is the tough job but you are needed to know about your own behaviour first and take the opportunity to promote positive relationship at the workplace. It is possible that you might learn something new from the others; something that you can practice into your daily life. You can make your meetings productive by just respecting the others and avoiding these behaviours.

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