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10 Meeting Behaviours That You Must Avoid

Office meetings are important and often you leave the strong impression on your boss and the other co-workers during these meetings. You can present your ideas in the effective way to show your commitment and leaving a good impression. But it does not mean that being a good employee needs to only participate in the

Co-Working Spaces: What’s So Special?

You must have listened about co-working. Well, it’s about providing a workspace to people who are the freelancers or work for the others. Mostly it is said that the co-working spaces can fulfil the isolation needs of the freelancers. They can work in a peaceful environment enjoying the different facilities at the affordable prices. The

11 Super Easy Ways How to Stay Positive at The Workplace

While working at your office it is common that you might become frustrated easily. The workload and the other factors usually demoralize the employees due to which they don’t feel good. Also, this leads to the loss of the productivity. Many employees want to be appreciated by their managers and feel demotivated if they are

How to Build a Resume

A resume is just like the advertisement that allows making your case strong so that you will be shortlisted by the recruiters for an interview. It is not easy to get your resume passed through the screening process that lasts for the 25 seconds usually. Scanning of resume becomes difficult for the hirers if the

10 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Have you got the interview call for your dream job? Tensed or stressed as it is the first job interview you are giving? People often get nervous in front of the interview panel, doesn’t matter that whether it is their first experience or not. If you have appeared for the job interviews before; it would